10 Ways to Successfully Earn a Handsome Amount as a Freelance Writer

Money is always a first need of life, or you may say that we have made it that way. We always search for the field which is relatively more helpful in making money. People right now are in search of good and handsome amount of earning via several ways.

One of the most searched and used way is Freelancing.Freelancer is not necessarily committed to any company or any organization. It is one of those platforms, which provides a forum to a person to be self-employed and there exist no gender discriminations. This helps a person to earn an amount of money which is indeed a golden opportunity for every passionate person.

Fields in Freelancing:

Freelancing can be done online or offline. It is one of the vastest platforms which cover number of fields under its umbrella which mainly includes;

  • Software and application development.
  • Social video marketing.
  • Content marketing and writing.
  • Graphic design.
  • Video editing.
  • Web design and development

Apart from all these fields, there are several more options with which you can go. Work from home jobs are also available on freelancing. Freelancing provides one of the highest paid platform. People are going with this along with their jobs.

Are you thinking to become a writer? Have you written a lot of content pieces and afraid to come up? Freelancing provides a platform for the writers as well. You can easily showcase your writing skills. It is surely not easy to begin with, but it is achievable. Here we are going to talk about the 10 successful ways to earn a handsome amount as a freelance writer.

  1. Create A Blog:

Every writer needs to have a blog. You must be showing what your skills are. So create a blog at first. It will improve the quality of your work and you will be recognizing yourself and your audience. Genius writing services also believethat writing the blogs and improving their quality ensure to build your style.

  • Create A Pitch Post:

You can create a pitch post and a guest post to have the attention of the audience. So many of the blog sites accept the guest post and you may have a kick start from there as well. Get yourself familiarize with the blog writing and the posting guideline, if it sets well, then you are ready for a clip of your portfolio.

  • Pin Your High School:

The annual magazine of your high school would surely like to hire their former student. Get yourself the guidelines of the magazine and let them know about your compelling idea. You can also come up with any story of your classmate who has made himself a big name now. From here, you can give your writing a new direction for sure.

  • Go With Fan Fiction:

If you are interested in the comic writings or any fan fiction, then do not hesitate to bring your character to life. You would surely be overjoyed that Amazon Kindle Worlds is paying 35% on the sales of your fictional character. Beginner writers are always welcome and you write up to 10,000 words for your favorite character.

  • Register For A Writing Contest:

You may also go for the writing contest because it never discriminates among thebeginners and professionals recently hnd assignment help organize one of writing contest. You may try your luck in this as well. There are exciting prizes for the winners. It is also widely accepted by so many writers and they use to try their luck in this as well.

  • Go With A Profitable Niche:

You must not go without research in this field. Take your time and decide with which niche of the content writing you want to go with. Be passionate. Do it with your heart and be ambitious to grow for more and more. You may choose from content writing, copy writing, professional blogger, ghost writing and journalism. Identify your niche and sub topics of it. It will help to build your audience. Create the samples around your niche as well.

  • Ideal Writing Client:

Here is the most important point. Money is more dependent on the client who approached you. Startups and small businesses would never go for high rates and will get the work done in lesser amount. On the other hand, online based companies know the importance of blogs and the companies will pay accordingly. Keep developing your skills and portfolio.

  • Have A Social Media Appearance:

Grow your social media appearance hand to hand. The more you are online, the more are the chances of having the clients. Be socially active on the social media platforms and let your client tell you his requirements.

  • Set Value-Based rates:

Deciding what to charge is one of the most intimidating decisions for freelancers. For this purpose, it is important to familiarize yourself with industry standards and then determine where you are going to position yourself within it. Freelance writing is surely going to give you more than what you desired, not instantly, but surely.

  1. Keep Improving The Quality:

Keep working on the quality of your work. Keep the leaning process and work with amazing productivity. It really is possible to succeed in this business with nothing more than a base level of writing ability and a willingness to work hard!

By using these 10 ways in Freelance writing, you can successfully earn handsome amount. It is steadily slow in the beginning but after a little time, it becomes very hectic due to the orders. You can surely achieve what you want in this field. Just keep working hard!

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