5 Best Ways To Fix Battery Drain on Android

Meta- Optimize your android phone performance with the top 5 easy and simple trips and tricks to boost battery life. Read more to know about it.

Do you still recall the day when your battery used to stay charged for one or two days? Are you thinking of buying a new android just because of excessive battery drainage?

Battery drain and lagging of phones are not the new issues that android phones are experiencing. With so many apps and multi usage of them, draining the battery is obvious. Even though the new smartphones are equipped with optimized softwares, big batteries and fast charging techniques, it is hard to expect a phone’s battery to last for a day.

Fortunately,  there are few tips and tricks which may limit the excessive draining of the battery. These  expert tips may tweak your smartphone and resolve your battery draining issues to a great extent.  Let’s read them below.

1.      Adjust Screen Brightness

Lowering your smartphone’s brightness can optimize your battery to a great extent.  Turn off the Auto- brightness feature of the phone and set the screen’s brightness to lowest or medium as per your comfort to view screen.

To adjust Brightness, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings>> Tap to Display.
  • Adjust the slider at the top or just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to set brightness according to you.

2.      Limit Your Push Notifications

Notifications allow you to stay updated but the regular notification drains your android’s battery continuously.  Also, there are various notifications that are not useful for you but still it keeps on appearing on your phone, resulting in battery drainage.  Hence, decide which notifications you need and what are the notifications that you can skip off.

To turn off Unimportant Notifications, follow the steps:

  • Navigate to Settings>> Apps
  • Select the app from the list for which you want to turn off the notifications.
  • Uncheck the “Show Notifications” option of the selected app.
  • Repeat the above steps to turn off notifications for the other apps.

3.      Check GPS and Location Settings

GPS and Location services such as Google Maps, Lyft, Google Earth have become a must nowadays. It has made location searching easier and helped us to make our life more convenient. However, for accurate pinpoint, these services continuously update your location and use the battery constantly. Thus, use these services only when you need otherwise turn them off.

To adjust your location services, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings>> Tap to Security and Location.
  • Tap on “Location”.
  • Switch the mode to Device only.
  • Or Click on Settings>> Apps and Notifications>>>App Permissions>> Location. Disable access for the apps for which you don’t want location tracking.

To turn off location services on Android Pie,

  • Navigate to Settings>> Security and Location.
  • Click on Advanced >> Scanning.
  •  Disable Wi-Fi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning.

4.      Uninstall the Apps that Draining Battery

There may be various apps in your Android smartphone that are not used frequently. However, these apps are constantly draining your battery and reducing its life. Thus, it is advised to uninstall the unwanted apps and download it again when you need to use them.

To check the apps that are causing battery drainage, follow these steps:

  •  Navigate to Settings>> Device>> Battery
  • Tap on Power>> Battery Use. It will display all the apps and the battery charge that are consumed by them.
  •  Now, uninstall the apps that are consuming more battery charge.

5.      Reduce Lock  out Time or  Sleep Time

Reducing Lock time or Sleep time on your smartphone can effectively reduce the battery issues. It can help especially when your phone is not in use and inactive.

         To view lock time or change it, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings>> Battery>> Tap on Battery Usage.
  • Select Show full device usage. This will show your phone screen time.
  • Now, Navigate to Settings>> Display>> Tap on Screen Timeout or Sleep.
  • Choose a shorter duration.

 Bonus Tip

Performing the above tricks is easy and simple. However, if you still feel you want a one tap option that may remove all your battery issues and boost your battery life instantly, then installing the best android phone cleaner app can be a good option. With this, you may get various optimization tools and features to make your phone perform better and faster.

To boost your battery instantly, follow these steps:

  • Download and Install Android Phone Cleaner App.
  • Tap on Battery Booster option. It will remove all the background processes and instantly optimize your battery performance.
  • Click on App Manager and uninstall the battery draining apps from here. It will backup the apk files and allow installation of the same apps without using Internet data.

All these tips and tricks are easy and can be followed without much effort. So, use these tweaks and optimize the battery of your smartphone now.  Let your phone battery stay for a longer duration!

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