5 Best WordPress Plugins That Can Migrate Your Site

Would you like to migrate your WordPress site? This might be challenging if you don’t know the exact way to move your site.

Moving the entire WordPress site involves moving the database, files, plugins, themes, features, and many more. This certainly needs a lot of effort and should be performed in less time so that users don’t find your website broken. However, if you are using significant plugins, you can do this job in no time, without hampering your search engine rankings. 

Maybe consulting a digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Delhi, or in some other regions can guide you in the right direction. 

Migrating plugins offered by WordPress are specialized in moving a site with easy. Just a few clicks and you are welcomed with a new domain. Let’s discuss some prominent WordPress plugins that perform the migration job so seriously.

5 Best WordPress plugins that are responsible for migrating a site

  1. Duplicator: Do you have a tight budget? Duplicator may help you with this. It has always been the first choice of developers in terms of its flexibility and versatility.

    Do you know what’s unique with this plugin? Duplicator is not just responsible for standard migrations. In fact, it can even clone your site with a new domain name, build multiple staging versions, and can provide a complete backup solution to your site.

    If you need a one-stop website solution, Duplicator is on its way to serve your needs.

    Just a few clicks and you can install Duplicator. Once it is installed, the tool automatically sets everything on the server, provided that you have added the new domain name.

    Duplicator is for all. From small, medium-scale business to large business, you can use this plugin to handle your websites. However, to access this, you need to have some basic technical knowledge at least.
  2. Migrate Guru: Migrate Guru is used to migrating the website on its own server. Only the database processes, reducing the excessive data loss to a great extent. The specialty of this plugin is it can move 1GB of data in less than 30 minutes. Such a fast and competing plugin is definitely a great option for migration.
    The migration status processed by this plugin is regularly updated on email. This allows users to keep track of the data migrated in real-time.

    Migrate Guru supports plenty of hosting providers. You just need to put the FTP or cPannel credentials of your destination and the rest of the job will be done automatically. No matter how large the website is, the plugin migrates the entire site without disturbing its performance.   
  3. WP Migrate DB: Unlike the Duplicator, WP Migrate DB is highly dependent on the WordPress dashboard. With this plugin, you can easily shift your database along with the URLs and file paths.

    Instead of exporting files, the plugin pays more attention to export the entire database to a new path. All your database is saved as SQL files which are further used to import files to the new domain or host.

    The best thing about this plugin is it automatically replaces the URLs in your database and remove all your unnecessary data like posts, comments, backdated content, etc.

    Although migrating websites with this plugin can even be done manually, it is indeed a frustrating job and more like copy and paste. Therefore, it is better to have an automated solution for migration.
  4. All-In-One WordPress Migration: Here presenting you a free plugin with premium extensions. The plugin is focused more on migrating the website to a new server or domain.

    As the name suggests, the plugin moves the website along with its entire database and files. No matter how difficult it is, it uses convenient yet effective ways to handle the websites easily.

    Importing and exporting database is done within a few minutes, overcoming all kinds of restrictions made by your host. The free version allows users to move 513MB of sites. However, if you want more size, you have to access the unlimited pro version.  
  5. UpdraftPlus Migrator Extension: Updraft Plus is basically a backup service provider that stores and restores backup site with zero effort. However, the migrator extension is added to its premium version.
    The free version of the plugin lacks in built-in migration feature. Hence, if you are deliberately looking for a migration solution you have to pay a few bucks. The premium version starts at $30 that possesses migrator add-on which allows users to migrate their site without any trouble.

    Using this plugin, you can easily swap your site URLs and domains and simultaneously fix the database serialization issues. And the finest thing is you can do everything switching on to your WordPress dashboard. 


Plenty of migrating plugins is available in WordPress. However, here have just narrowed down the most important and effective ones that are usually preferred by the developers. 

It doesn’t matter how complicated is to migrate your site, integrating any of these above-mentioned plugins to your website can make the process simpler and more convenient. For more knowledge, get in touch with the best website development company in Delhi or any nearby region.

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