8 Clever Ways Blockchain Technology Will Transform E-commerce Business

Have you tried using Twitter to drive more traffic to your e-commerce business? With an increasing number of active users on Twitter, you have an endless list of opportunities for improving your sales. Here are 8 clever ways you can increase sales on your e-commerce store using Twitter.


The coding for any shipment is blockchain-based, so the customers will monitor it. The monitoring sensitivity is far better than is currently usable.  Of starters, you will figure out about where the fruit comes about, whether you are at a store purchasing a fruit or whether the apple comes new or not. Online consumers constantly care about the sales origins, so only ethical goods are illuminated. The tracking process will not be completely paperless by Blockchain technology, which will enormously help the environment, and relation between customers and dealers will be fully transparent.

2.Secure transactions

Your customer can easily transfer the payment to you from his bank account using block chain technology. This removes the requirement of mid parties like Visa, master card etc. Increases the authenticity of transactions     

Ecommerce industry will drastically change if it uses block chain technology or crypto currencies

Some major reasons are mentioned below

  • No financial or confidential details required for the transaction 
  • It can be used from anywhere in the world unlike platforms like paypal
  • minimal transactional fees
  • Easy experience for users

3. Advertising and Marketing

As a result of fraudulent activity, advertisers lose 51 million dollars per day, or a total of 19 billion dollars each year, according to Juniper Research. If unregulated, by 2022 the number would amount to $44 billion a year. Clickbait can be reduced by Blockchain technologies and  advertising will therefore meet their goals. Amir Jan Malik, the Accenture Interactive digital marketing expert, said blockchain technology has been developed to prevent bank fraud, but instead e-commerce can also benefit from it

4. Web safety

Even the most famous companies, including Target, Yahoo and Equifax, have suffered from breaches of viruses, as well as hacking which have resulted in the disclosure of personal data of millions of clients. With the e-commerce industry becoming more and more important, it becomes essential to prevent fraud. These features are needed for each cybersecurity system. In brief, blockchain technology helps to protect the fundamental intellectual property of e-commerce platform and all the aspects it comprises of. 

5.Operations management

Former businesses had significant issues with transition to electronic activities. The 129-year-old Eastman Kodak company is going through the same struggles and finally chose to spend in developing KODAKOne, an encrypted, digital rights leader. Photographers working by the organization may sign or authorize their current or future research on the website. The system gives them the opportunity to participate in safe payments and instantly take payment from the technology and never feel worried about stolen project.


The infinite benefits of Blockchain technologies make the network environment secure. It will take time for customers to adapt  the new technology, but not long before they understand the value of that technology. E-commerce should be trustworthy, so the order will not be revealed even less often that the sensitive details will be compromised. It will accelerate the time needed to achieve business goals by e-commerce companies.

7.Ecommerce payments and preventing Health Hazards

The use of blockchain technology to track shipments is of huge advantage to products related to food. For example, businesses such as the company Hello Fresh which sells ready to make food , its  consumers may use this technology to track the ingredient’s quality, contamination and safety specifications. 

It can be used in continents such as Europe with widespread contamination, particularly in  eggs. This technology will prevent lives from epidemics and save millions of dollars to treat  them completely. Crypto-monetary payments may help e-commerce companies track all transactions which are useful if a customer requests reimbursement.

8.Human Resources

You may wonder how to technically transform the recruiting process? According to the human resources management community, the human resources team will utilize blockchain technologies to modernize recruiting elements such as checking qualifications of current workers and job applications. Multinationals can profit more from this technologies as they co-hire you will, though, utilize plenty more technology to attract , retain, pay, assess and firm

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