A Complete Process Of Graphic T-Shirt Designing

Designing a custom clothing product with our designs could be very advanced and exciting. Although, the procedure is more complicated than it looks like. To make the patterns successful, we will need custom designs that will help our pieces stand out and help our company turn into a profitable business. 

This is not a type of drag and drops art file, but t shirt graphic design is more complex than that. The process of t-shirt designing involves the following steps: –

Identifying The Basic Design

First, we have to recognize the new design by brainstorming session and on the basis of three keywords that we should ask ourselves: – 

1. What’s the designing goal 

First of all, we have to look at the promotions for our brand awareness and image. Secondly, internal usage that will embrace employee uniforms, batches, etc. Thirdly, the merchandise for our target market. Fourthly, occasion remembrances like a family get-together to our public. 

These four goals will improve our brand cognizance as well as foster in creating our product image. This goal will also help to govern the details such as if it is seen from far away, something needs to be included in the company’s logo, the quantity of information, etc. 

2. Who’s our target audience

we should take some time to figure out that who’s our target audience. Knowing the basic demographics of the tastes and the preferences of people, their likes, and dislikes. 

But if the goal is to only sell the merchandise having ideas in the foundation is a great start that also compels to remove some particular favoritism. The cheap printing t-shirts are best to attract the target audience.

3. What’s our budget

Getting an idea about the budget will help us to regulate how many colors could be placed in the design and how many styles of t-shirts could be done that we can afford. Using multiple designs as well as color shades will cost us more, especially with the bulk orders. 

It’s better to know the plan of our artwork earlier to end up overspending and handle bulk orders with more profits.

After considering these three questions, we can create a mood board thinking about different styles of different brands that we are fond of and can be improved on our perspectives. 

Beginning with drawing ideas on the mood board and sketching them from what’s trending around us, we can also start rationalizing a color arrangement.

Picking The Apt Color Scheme

There are two basic color schemes for t-shirt graphics: the color of the shirt and the color of the artwork. 

When we’re planning our own design, some things have to be kept in mind that the sketching and the fabric are not the same things when designing. Although we will not be able to see it. For the finest outcomes there are some color pairings that one should be aware of: –

1. Tonal pairing includes a variation of a single color- a lighter shade on a darker one

2. Complementary pairing that consists of a contradictory color wheel by creating a vivid pop.

3. Analogous pairing includes creating a low contrast design located next to each other like blue and green.

Keeping in mind that the color used in the t-shirt screen printing design is different from the exact color match to the ink as the matching of the exact color will be more expensive and more time uncontrollable or sometimes may not be imaginable due to the unsatisfactory resources. 

Now we can move on by physically creating the designs by the design idea as well as the color scheme. These color combinations are familiarized by using a color calculator with the three types of pairings explained above.

Creating The Design

The final step is to physically create the designs by using various types of tools like adobe photoshop, Illustrator, and various other professional software. Nevertheless, Illustrator is the most preferred and best suited for proficient graphic designs and is also the best option for cheap printing t-shirts. 

We can easily transform as well as resize the design without sacrificing the quality aspect. Photoshop is the most used software but only has one drawback of reducing the quality when resized and transformed. But if only editing is done, it’s the best and the simple software to date. Some of the versions of photoshop are free of use, but it doesn’t include vast alterations. 

For t shirt screen printing, the design needs to be exactly the same size that we want to print on the t-shirt. For printable designs to work and look good, the small details must be focused.

Therefore, the custom designing t-shirt is very simple, which is very useful for various reasons and will enhance the business’s working. T-shirt printing is not just for commercial purposes but also for creating uniformity in different business fields.

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