A body that you’re comfortable and healthy in, is the right body for you. No matter what size, shape, and colour, the end goal must be to be confident about your appearance. However, many women and men don’t feel this way. The insecurity in such people stems from the fact that they don’t look like a zero-size Instagram model, or that they don’t procure a particular set of “beauty-standards.” Living with these negative thoughts causes many young women and men to go through risky surgeries that only doubles their troubles. 

Plastic surgeries, which intend to reduce fat in the body and tone it, has more side effects than benefits in the long run. Such invasive treatments contribute to excruciating pain, year-long downtime, and the development of life-threatening diseases like cancer. However, is having surgeries the only way to achieve a toned and lean body? No. You can get rid of any fat without going under the knife.

Subcutaneous body fats are mainly of two types, and they are the most difficult to shed. The most effective way, to lose the extra weight, is by becoming knowledgable about the type of fat you have, and the treatment that gets rid of it. You can educate yourself on the nature of body fat the human figure harbours, along with the ways to reduce it, in the ensuing guide.  

Fluffy fat: 

Fluffy fats are the soft and jiggly tissues that you feel when you poke your arms or skin. Hormones present in female bodies promote the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. That is why women tend to gain more fluffy fat in contrast to men. The function of these fat tissues is to protect the muscles and bones of the body. Moreover, they also provide insulation to the body and store energy. 

The usual accumulation site of fluffy fats is the stomach, waist, thighs, hips, and the back of arms. These fat tissues are lightweight but voluminous. Hence, when you lose them, you’ll notice a significant difference. However, due to the effect of hormones, the human body is resistant to getting rid of the fat.

Non-surgical treatment: 

One of the popular non-surgical body contouring in the UK is called Radiofrequency. It is also an effective method to eliminate fluffy fat from the body. Radiofrequency is based on subjecting fat tissues with high-temperatures that kills them gradually. They are discarded out of the body through the natural metabolism.  

Fibrous fat: 

Fibrous fats are just like subcutaneous fat, but a tough and stubborn version of them. These fats are responsible for the formation of fat-rolls on the tummy, waist, and arms. If you pinch fibrous fats, they will not feel soft and squishy like fluffy fats, but harder and less flexible. In some cases, fluffy fats convert into fibrous fats, if the person wears ill-fitted clothes. Since fibres surround these fatty tissues, it is extra hard to get rid of them. 

Non-surgical treatment:

A mixture of LED light therapy and cavitation is one possible non-invasive treatment that works best in eliminating fibrous fat. It works by subjecting fat cells to high temperatures and ultrasonic waves. The LED light therapy mobilizes the fat cells that help in toning the body, whereas cavitation triggers lipolysis and also promotes collagen production in the body. 

These two types of fats concern 80-90% of women worldwide. Instead of going for body modification surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck, you should try these non-invasive treatments to eliminate fat. Seness, as one of the leading clinics, will offer you the best body contouring in the UK with exceptional and fast results. 

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