Are we making the SEO quite complicated? Is it only about content and links?


Business owners apply SEO strategies to increase website traffic. The business owners who don’t have proper knowledge about SEO hire professionals. But are they making SEO strategies quite complicated? Search engine optimization keeps evolving now and then. Backlinks have always been famous for granting higher rank to websites. And nobody can ignore the importance of great content. Content and links are essential factors in the Google search algorithm. But what about other strategies? Are we complicating SEO? Why are we focusing on the length of the title tag in SEO is all about content and links? 

At first, it may appear to be a simple concept, but it isn’t straightforward. If we focus on those two factors that are linked and content, can we drive traffic to our website? If you want to know whether other SEO strategies work or not, please keep reading this blog post. We will let you know how you can be successful in content and links. 

Creating the right content

Everything in SEO starts with the content and ends with the content. Irrespective of whether it is the video content blog info graphics or newsletter, the role of SEO is prominent. 

Content engages the user. It helps website owners in building positive connections with their users. It also plays an essential role in helping the users in making a decision. Content inspires them to take action. Content also helps the crawlers understand what your page is all about so that they will give you a proper ranking in the search engine. 

So you need to know if everything in SEO starts with content, then everything in content begins with keywords. Proper keyword research is crucial as it brings visibility. 

Starting with keyword research

The keyword research concept is quite simple. You have to find the terms and phrases that the audience might use to search for particular information. But the execution for keyword research can be a bit complicated. Starting to use keyword research is the trickiest process. Aside from keywords that can help the users reach you, there are also many keywords related to your business that would help the audience discover your business. They are known as seed keywords, and they are terms related to your brand and business. 

If you want to make your content searchable, then you can change one field keyword into ten long-tailed keywords. You can spy on your competitor to search for the keywords, or you can use several tools for keyword research analysis. You can also get inspiration from the competitors. 

It would help if you looked at what keywords of a competitor are ranking and what keywords are bringing them good results. Finding relevant keywords is essential, and you should also correctly place them so that your content will perform well in the search engine. 

Earning real links 

Links are a little bit complicated. Some of you may think that link building is a simple and straightforward process, but it isn’t effortless in real life. Irrespective of whether you use tools or other ways for it, you can’t deny the fact that link building takes a lot of time. Link building requires a lot of hard work and patience. If you want real links from reputable sites, then you would have to send them an email.  

But if you accurately find out from what reputable sites you want to earn a link, the process would become quite more straightforward. But how can you choose for identifiable sections? You need to check for usefulness, uniqueness, and other factors. Aside from these factors, you should also consider the size of your link audience. 

Simplifying the message

Now you must be thinking about whether on-page SEO and technical SEO play any role or not. These strategies play a significant role in SEO. If you get these elements complicated, then it can lead to the downfall of your site. You shouldn’t forget that if Google didn’t crawl your website, you wouldn’t be able to show up in the search results. But we have included these elements in the umbrella of the content. If you don’t consider how search engines and humans see your content, then your site won’t perform well. 


Summing things all together, SEO involves proper research of keywords and niche. It also consists of expanding keywords opportunities and crafting strategic content that will focus on the goals of your site. Apart from refocusing our efforts, we need to simplify the message of SEO to others. We would urge you to focus on the most basic concept of SEO, which is content and links, to provide with more fruitful results. You can also contact a company that can offer affordable SEO packages to achieve a higher Google rank.

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