“Careers In IT Service Management”

If you want to make your career in managing the infrastructure of entire Information Technology then IT service management or ITSM has it all. If you are searching for the right guide toward the path of making your career in ITSM then you are at the right place.  

In this article we have discussed the set of the skills required for making a career in ITSM, pay benefits, and qualifications required for different roles. But before digging into further information, let’s have a quick look at “what makes the career in IT service management more attractive?”

What makes the career in IT service management more attractive? 

You can take an example of the successful as well as leading businesses, they all rely on the IT system. IT service manager is essential for running the IT system properly. Anyone willing to choose a career in IT service management would have a diverse range of industries as well as various options to choose from. 

There are a huge responsibility and challenges that you have to face as the role of ITSM. You have to deliver all the information regarding IT services, and it depends on the business’s requirements. Grab the chance of leading professions in the current scenario. Moreover, the demand for this profession is never coming to end.

Now, let’s check out types of careers in ITSM

About career options in ITSM 

There are many ways to a built career in ITSM but it depends on what type of expertise and experience you have. There’re 4 different categories of ITSM career path – project management, service operation, service transition and most senior-level is service strategy and design. 

We have listed some of the ITSM fields below and have discussed the role, skills, and qualifications it requires. So, let’s get started. 

  1. Chief information officer


If you want the most senior role in the field of ITSM then chief information officer or CIO has it all. 

The tasks for CIO include managing activities of the department of all information services, IS, to negotiate and implement various complex contrasts, to define the strategy of the company for IT, and ability to manage risks. 


You must know about how to maintain the relationship management, financial management, business risk management, and business plan development. 

You should the skills of leadership to assist the teamwork properly. Moreover, IS governance and business strategy alignment skills are the most top requirement.


Following are certifications that are beneficial at this level of a profession:

  • ITIL intermediate module for service strategy. 
  • ITIL intermediate module for service design. 
  • ITIL intermediate module for continual service improvement. 
  1. IT Support or IT project support 


In this ITSM field, you would be working with a team on the specific project provided to you. The business manager would expert multiple aspects of supporting various activities of the project.

For getting success in this ITSM field, you should have enough knowledge and experience on the project as well as on project management. You can analyst the role or be the part of the project management office or PMO, can manage the small project, or take the responsibility to access the large one. 


 You should have good organizational communication skills. You have to respect the responsibility of providing efficient customer service. You have to provide the administrative reports to the project assurance team, project boards, and quality review meetings.

You have to set up and maintain project files. Have to explain reporting procedures and its requirements to stakeholders, prepare reports from the material that is provided to you such as prepare charts, as well as graphs. 


Some of the certifications or qualifications required for this IT project environment level are as followed: 

  • MSP foundation 
  • P30 foundation 
  • PRINCE2 foundation 
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Manager of risk foundation 

Having any of the above qualifications is necessary to help you in this profession as the above certifications would boost your skills in the development, design, and delivery of the project. 

  1. Service desk technicians


The role of a service desk technician is to provide technical support to users who need their software as well as hardware. The technical support includes: filling up the service request, fixing technical faults, and answering a query. 

The requirements of professionals at this level are: to identity and diagnose issues as well as problems, to escalate the unresolved problems, to advise the user the action to take, categorize and record reports of users’ queries.

After being well- experienced and expertise at this level, you can choose other professions to explore your skills as well as knowledge. As a service desk technician you have played the significant role of service desk supervisor, application support analyst, and project coordinator. 


The skillset requirements include, excellent problem solving and communication, incident management, and you should be able to offer assistantship with user support. You must have the proper understanding related to technical systems such as hardware, software, and various networking systems.


Following is the list of certifications that would surely help you in this professional level: 

  • Operation support and analysis certification 
  • Continual service improvement certification 
  • Service operation certification 
  1. IT operations manager


The IT operations manager holds greater responsibilities and plays a pivotal role in the organization.

The tasks of the IT operations manager include: to manage the provision of the service desk and problem resolution, implementing and managing the services of IT using principle and methods of industry best practice, to develop the templates of service level agreement, to monitor the performance, work on client feedback report. 

After achieving the expertise of this profession, you would need some certifications to fill up the knowledge gaps. After achieving the certification, you can become a CIO or business relationship manager.


One must consist of resource management skills. Know how to manage the cost and budget of the business. Must ensure that the application secures the information for customer support. You should have the ability to coach the individuals as well as the team.


If you are practicing for CIO then the following certification can help you out to seek further:  

According to statics, the expected salary of this profession is around $60,000 annually. After been well-experienced, you can earn up to $100,000 annually. Hence, the above was everything about careers in ITSM

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