Cultural Heartland in Northern Thailand: Explore Differently

Because we were still hungry for another exploration, we decided to drive more towards the north and reach Chiang Mai in about 4 hours. The city is famous for 300 temples, shopping, and cuisine. You can also enjoy Thailand with JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

Nearby, about 3 hours drive, the city of Chiang Rai is inhabited, which is not only famous for monuments but also a starting point for a lot of trekkers, the north area shows a mix of ancient built-ups and green trails. ! Amazing, I must say!

1. Doi Suthep – Climb 304 stairs to reach the shrine

Being a part of dense forests, Doi Suthep is a thickly forested mountain in the Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park with two peaks.

Why here?

At a distance of about 1601 meters is the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage site, which is very famous not only for religious purposes but also for trekkers and bird watchers. We both hiked all 304 steps, filled with energy after seeing the beautiful panoramic views, temple bells, murals, monuments, and birds that we had never seen before. We clicked several photos and then shared it with our friends who gave us a thumbs up!

2. Doi Inthanon National Park – Attaining peace with the highest peak

Why go there?

Thailand’s highest mountain National Park is equipped with different flora and fauna habitats. We were in love with the tropical forests that decided to hike, seeing the orchids, birds, waterfalls, valleys, and of course, the aura, which soaked our inner core.

3. Mekong Coast Tour in Mekong River Valley

Located on the Cambodian border, the Mekong River creates panoramic views showing the scenic beauty of the country’s hidden area. On reaching Chiang Khan after an overnight trip, we met locals who guided us on the village tour.

To explore: Starting from here, we took a bike tour (after renting from the guest house) towards Fen Ban, Pak Chom, Ban Mung, Wat Hin Mak Peng, Si Chiangmai, and Than This Falls. This short road trip inspired us to enter the city of fishermen, showing us the meditation center, the cathedral, the bamboo hut, the waterfalls, and their pools and all the things that we thought if this idea of discovery Did not mind

4. Wat Rung Khun (White Temple), Chiang Rai

Miss anything, but not this charm! A soothing aura and aligned architecture, reflecting its reflection in the watershed, are just here. 13 km south of Chiang Rai, this Buddhist temple is a symbol of heaven to say!   Book with JetBlue Reservations and enjoy visiting Thailand.

What to do: As attractive as the exterior is, it has its own aura on the inside. All we can do is sit there for hours, understand the depth of the messages that the building spoke, and of course, click pictures to show the beauty of this hidden place in the world.

The extraordinary beauty of central Thailand

Once done with Bangkok and its surrounding locations, it was our turn to the north so that our friends could be remembered in their last trip to Thailand.

1. Ayuda – Uncover Ancient Empire

About 80 km north of Bangkok, the ancient city has remained untouched by most travelers. Don’t know why, but I recommend visiting this place, which was a trading area for adventurers, missionaries, traders, but now it is no less than a wonderland.

Why here?

Visit this place if you want to become a fan of pagodas, palaces, historical areas, culture, and art ruins. The most interesting thing that I saw here was a Buddha face covered with a tree in the Vat Mahavatar. Thundering beauty, thrilling! A completely unstable place as well! Here is a list of the best places to travel in Thailand that you can add to your list.

2. Kanchanaburi – inspect the remnants of World War 2 in the midst of nature

Crossing a distance of about 125 km west of Bangkok, we landed at Kanchanaburi.

Why here?

Popular for the remnants of World War II (Steel Bridge and War Memorial), the city also offered us bamboo rafting along the banks of the River Quay, after which we did some shopping in Ratna Village. Spent our evenings in amazing pubs and cafes while enjoying the views of the river on one side.

3. Ampang Province – Home to the tallest waterfall in Thailand

Another side of Thailand surfaced when we booked a cab for us to Ampang. The roads were just amazing and beautiful that were alive with lush green forests and small villages around, mainly the Karen tribe.

What is here: Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the places in Thailand that enriches the country with species of birds, animals, and activities like river rafting, elephant trekking, hiking to the country’s highest waterfall called Thi Lo Su and Whatnot. Not even able to describe the beauty in detail, make a visit to all nature lovers, sleep in peace nearby and wake up the next morning with birds chirping.

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