Drops hipping: Shopify vs Dropizi

In this article, we will talk about two CMS to create an e-commerce store, namely: Shopify and Dropizi . You already have your niche, your products and you are ready to create your site online but you do not know what software to create it with? There are many of you in this case, which is why we have decided to help you by comparing these two solutions.


I. Shopify

A. Presentation

Let’s start with Shopify, it’s a CMS created in 2006 by Tobias Latke Daniel Wieland, and Scott Lake. These three people wanted to create an online store to sell ski equipment. By wanting to create this famous store, they started with a simple observation: there is no simple solution to create an e-commerce store. In fact, at the time you had to be a developer or call on developers to create an e-commerce store. From there was born Shopify, a Saabs solution allowing anyone to create their own online store. Since then, Shopify has continued to grow by gaining more and more market share.

Below is a screenshot of the keyword “Shopify” on Google Trends. This screenshot illustrates our previous comments about the constant evolution of this CMS.

Evolution of the Shopify keyword on Google Trends over the past 5 years

B. Pricing

We are now going to talk about subscriptions for using Shopify. There are three different plans: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. Shopify decided to make three plans based on your situation. Our advice is as follows: start with the first plan and as soon as your store starts to make a certain turnover, change plans to switch to the “Shopify” plan etc … It’s a calculation to be made, as you can. See the more expensive the plan, the lower the Shopify transaction fee costs.

C. Benefits

  • A big community

As we said before, there is no any Shopify alternatives whenever we talk about market share, so the community keeps growing. Today, the Shopify community is very important, it is interesting to find help in several areas of e-commerce.

  • Many modules

If you’ve worked with Shopify before, you might have noticed that the module catalog is quite large! Indeed, more and more developers are creating modules for Shopify, which is a considerable advantage for e-merchants! The customization possibilities are incredible and it is very rare not to find a module that corresponds to your desires!

D. Disadvantages

  • Module prices

The price of the modules is a drawback, in fact, by adding several modules, you quickly arrive at a certain monthly budget. Unlike Prestashop where you pay for a module in cash, on Shopify it’s often a monthly package. So pay attention to the price of the modules because it can quickly become expensive, very expensive!

II. Dropizi

A. Presentation

Now let’s move on to Dropizi, it’s a French CMS created by the Wiz shop group in 2018. Wiz shop is also a solution for creating an e-commerce store. The difference is that Dropizi is a turnkey solution specialized in Drops hipping. Indeed, to date it is the only solution entirely devoted to Drops hipping and designed for e-merchants in Drops hipping.

B. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, like Shopify, Dropizi offers three plans. We will give you the same advice as for Shopify, start with the cheapest plan and then evolve according to your needs. We can still notice that these two competitors use the same price range on their plans.

C. Benefits

  • E-commerce training

By subscribing to Dropizi, you will have access to a complete training course of 10 modules covering everything you need to know to get started. This is a huge plus for Dropizi which stands out from Shopify. Here, you do not risk to start without skills, especially as Dropizi promises a follow-up for each of its customers. Rather interesting, isn’t it? If you want to know more about this training.

  • A French CMS

Another advantage is that the CMS is French, it’s rare enough to underline it! The advantage is that everything is in French and that the support is too! It’s super interesting to have help in our mother tongue. If you do not speak Shakespeare’s language a minimum, we can only advise you to go to the Dropizi platform.

  • Easy to use

Dropizi is very easy to use and is intended for Reshipping e-merchants who are not very technical. Nowadays, anyone can start an e-commerce store and that’s a huge step forward. You no longer need to call on developers to launch your site, with a little practice or through Web drop you will have a professional site allowing you to make your first sales.

  • A large list of suppliers

While browsing the Dropizi site, we realized that they offer a fairly large list of suppliers! You can start a shop in all the niches if you want! By going through French, European or Asian suppliers, you have the choice to set up your business online.

D. Disadvantages

  • A new service

As we said previously, Dropizi was created in 2018 unlike Shopify which was created in 2006. Which means that the Dropizi community is quite small. There are, in fact, few developers and resellers. It’s an inconvenience compared to Shopify. The service will undoubtedly develop further, let’s give Dropizi time!

  • Few modules

At the moment, there are not a lot of modules to customize or add functionality to your e-commerce store. Who says few modules, says few possibilities of customization? Indeed, some modules are essential to develop your store and if Dropizi does not offer them, it is problematic. We will therefore have to wait for developers to create fairly advanced modules for us.

Conclusion: which CMS to choose for your Dropshipping store?

We’ve seen the pros and cons of each, now it’s up to you. We believe there is no wrong solution, it all depends on what suits you best. Either you choose Shopify which is one of the leader in e-commerce, or Dropizi the French CMS. If you are new to e-commerce and need training, Dropizi is a good solution, otherwise Shopify is a good choice.

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