east end community health centre


The Greater Toronto Area has become a place where people are living longer, healthier lives due to the gradual reduction in poverty around these areas. This is most evident in the way young people are living and having more fun or enjoying their work. We at east end community health centre feel that it is incredibly important for us to support and celebrate our youth in this manner so we created the East End Community Health Centre.

You may remember our previous post on the Toronto Sickness Initiative (TSI) at the 2010 Canadian Cancer Society Summit. Not long after that we started giving public health talk to our community. So naturally there was no way I wouldn’t share some of my personal experience with TB since it is a major concern in this country. I did a lot of work with the TSI and played a prominent role in helping to enhance assistance to those who are diagnosed with TB.

re-open the east end community health centre with the help of our neighbours, people all over New York City. The venue will be open to all and the commercial area will be cleaned up.


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