Everything you want to know about Healthcare CRM

What is Healthcare CRM?

A healthcare CRM is a specialized customer relationship management system, which is customized to meet the needs of healthcare organizations. A healthcare CRM assists healthcare institutions to store data from multiple sources (psychographic behavior, financial data, social, clinical, credentialing, website, and other) in order to develop an integrated and comprehensive view into the habits and activities of patients. The ultimate objective of a healthcare CRM is to offer a seamless medical treatment experience to patients to acquire, engage, and retain patients.

Benefits of a Healthcare CRM

Below are some of the benefits offered by healthcare CRM for medical institutions?

  • Create and launch a personalized outreach campaign to target population over various channels
  • Measure the KPIs for the engagement tactics using interactive reporting tools
  • Develop a 360-degree profile of patients by integrated data from multiple sources
  • Create and populate patients’ segments for advanced analysis and research
  • Measure KPIs performance for marketing tactics (website, social media, email campaign, paid marketing, etc.)

Healthcare CRM for Patient Engagement and Loyalty

Healthcare CRM enables medical institutions to create a comprehensive profile of patients and populate it with all the relevant details. This gives them a high-value tool to view and design customized outreach campaigns in line with the individual patient’s profile. By designing consumer-oriented outreach campaigns; hospitals and medical facilities are in a better position to acquire, engage, and retain more customers. To further the customer experience, healthcare CRM also assists hospitals to schedule appointment reminders, e-prescriptions, and follow-up notes using telemedicine software. Moreover, healthcare facilities can further enhance the personalization options for patients by integrating EHR data with the HCRM.

The level of customization and personalization offered by healthcare CRM in communication assist hospitals and medical facilities to build positive and strong relations with patients. It essentially enables the humanization of the healthcare services for patients, thus connecting them to the hospitals. When patients get to receive personalized services from hospitals, they consider themselves as valued members of the larger community and thus, instantly engage them at a personal level and boosts loyalty.

Important considerations for Healthcare CRM implementation

Before you choose a healthcare CRM vendor, it’s important to understand the requirements and objectives you want to achieve from the CRM. It’s important to have an assessment for the use or functionalities or the driving force that motivates you to buy a healthcare CRM. For instance, if you are looking to create a highly customized, scalable and tangible measures for patients’ healthcare experience, you may need a system that enables API integrations with essential marketing systems like content management system (CMS) or marketing automation system.

Moreover, you would also have to consider the data sources that will be used to map the patients’ profiles. In simple words, from where you will be sourcing the patients’ key information? For instance, if you have implemented an EHR system, you may want to integrate the HCRM with the EHR and credentialing system to pull-out patients’ key information. In other cases, you may want to pull out the data from subscriptions or website traffic. So, you essentially need to identify the data sources which will be used to populate the patients’ information into the CRM, before you decide to implement a healthcare CRM from any specific vendor.

Calculating Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) from Healthcare CRM

Calculation of return on marketing investment (ROMI) isn’t straightforward mathematics. It is rather a complicated and intertwined calculation where multiple variables need to be estimated for precise calculation. Specialized healthcare CRM enables hospital and medical facilities to create, implement, and review the marketing campaigns for the performance. The tracking tools that come with the healthcare CRM enable hospitals to have detailed insights into the performance level of the marketing campaigns throughout its lifecycle. The healthcare CRM also delivers interactive and insightful reports; detailing the attributing revenue generated by specific campaigns or implemented marketing tactics. Thus, in essence, healthcare CRM enables marketers to review campaign performance and make any necessary adjustments to optimize the return on marketing investments (ROMI).

How to choose healthcare CRM?

Presently, there are various CRM systems available in the market for integration. However, instead of going with a generalized CRM, you should with a healthcare CRM:

  • Specifically developed healthcare CRM
  • That has the built-in segmentation for categorizing patients’, as a mean to create more personalized and customized marketing campaigns
  • That has integrated and comprehensive reporting tools with the capacity to track ROI and ROMI
  • That has the capacity to deliver precise, robust and latent data
  • That is scalable
  • With recommendations or reference-able clients

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