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It’s the start of summer, and we want to bring a nice little dose of sunshine, beer and fun with some great health fairs. And I’m all for them. This year will be great! Remember how you all did in 2016? We’re going to be taking things one step further this year. We’ll have not just one, but two health fairs this year. The first will take place on Sunday October 13th at the Giant Space Centre in Vancouver at 12 noon and will feature a large variety of events which includes interactive and fun activities.

Health fairs are a great way to get people involved in your business. Share some of your news and ideas with the people at Health Fair and you’ll likely find your way onto one of their pages. This is just the beginning of making your brand a big player in health fairs.

Today, it’s a whole bunch of health fairs and events happening around the world every weekend. We’ve got two great ones happening this weekend: The first is the final of the International Federation of State, Provincial and Local Health Fairs (FIFWHL) in Zürich (Switzerland) scheduled for Friday and Saturday, and the second is a big event in Mexico called “La Canada” for National Hispanic Health Day. Both will be held in the Rio de los Patios – one of the oldest historic squares in Mexico. According to US Health Affairs.

You may be wondering why I’m mentioning health fairs. But “health fairs” are becoming a catch phrase for all sorts of fun groups and organizations that take the idea of learning about health and wellness to a whole new level. Fitness, nutrition, and fitness club’s all represent these types of parties which get people to think about how they can improve their health or even “get fit.” They offer people the chance to share, learn, and have fun with others who are doing the same thing.

You’ve seen the health fairs in social media before. I love that, you can go to a fair and see someone give you information about so many things. What I love about the health fairs is that they’re free and don’t require you to have any kind of insurance. You can even bring your own food or drink! The only thing you need to bring with you is a contact name and number so that you can make sure your advertised product is still viable. Then, once the fair ends, people will be left with enough information to decide if they want to purchase it.

Health Fairs 2016 is one of the largest health fairs in the country. The Health Fair is characterized by a variety of interesting food and/or goods, with vendors and health care professionals focusing on wellness at all levels. This event is geared towards it’s attendees to complete a full day of activities using convenient mobile technology. The Health Fair takes place over two days while the Food demonstrations are held over three days.

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