health in christian perspective


I am a committed Christian. I read the Bible and study it regularly. I am curious about what God has to say about the situation of health and how that relates to life in Christ in a way that isn’t just about my body. Currently, I am a busy mom of two young boys who are making both a meritocratic success (Through the Grace of God), and an ad hominem argument (Because I need to get MTV) so I will be writing an essay on this topic.

Welcome to the world of the health in christian perspective. Friend, whether you are a family member or a friend, you know me as an awesome Christian! In my blog I will share with you some of the Gospel and how we can use it to support each other. Style your wardrobe with style and tell your friend that if you want to drink a glass of wine, go get me one. I’m great on style and I will tell you if I’m wrong. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and check out my personal style blog before continuing on.

Let’s celebrate the many wonderful things about Jesus and what He’s done for us. Jesus is One of the greatest examples of human kindness and grace. He constantly sets people free and shows us the way to accomplish everything we desire in life. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been with him for a long period of time or perhaps it’s due to our faith in Him, but He has always set us free.


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