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I first discovered home health plus in 2014, through its partnership with the American Heart Association Foundation. I began searching for information on the topic. I was blown away by how extensive, and how many resources were available. I was also surprised at just how similar some of the information seemed and how many of the concepts were based on the same principles.

In a nutshell, home health plus is about keeping your home healthy. This includes a lot of information that’s easy to understand and includes the use of a variety of tools and devices to make home maintenance easier. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been frustrated that I’m not able to find too much information on the subject, but I’m happy to say that home health plus is an extremely helpful resource.

The home health plus site has a pretty extensive list of tools, devices, and information, but it also includes a helpful section on home maintenance that outlines the steps you’ll need to take, where to get them, and how to read your insurance policies. Another section focuses on home maintenance and provides information about the cost of replacing the things that get in the way of cleaning.

As if home health plus weren’t helpful enough, they also have a video tutorial on how to perform a basic home maintenance procedure, including proper cleaning, vacuuming, and raking. There’s even a good section on how to keep your home pest-free.

The first step in any home maintenance regimen is to clean it. Most of us don’t realize how much of our homes are actually dirty, and theres a lot of work to get rid of every tiny insect, spider, and other critter that might be living in our homes. The second step is to vacuum or vacuum cleaner daily. The third step is to rake, clean your carpets, and get rid of any dead bugs and dust mites.

Cleaning your carpets is the least of any home maintenance routine. It’s a more than adequate way to clean your carpets. We have a great video guide explaining the steps to do.

I like to keep a few more personal things in my house, but I have some personal home health issues. Because I am not having a home health issue I don’t want to take it up with a health care professional. So let’s start with the first step. The goal is to get rid of a few of our personal things.

The first thing you want to do is remove anything that is causing you to have a house or apartment that is not healthy. This includes your bedding, your clothes, your books, your pet, your home office, your couch, your chair, your bathroom, and even your house plants. You can also ask your friends and colleagues to help out.

Now that your house or apartment is clean and healthy, it’s time to start doing what you want to do. You can add some healthy items like fruits and vegetables to your kitchen, and you can also make sure that your fridge, pantry, and freezer are stocked with healthy items. You can also make your bed, your floor, and your bathroom a little bit brighter and more inviting.

There are so many things you can do to make your house more livable and comfortable. You can put off buying a new sofa, move some of your furniture, or rearrange the room and make the room a little bit more inviting. You can also make sure to add a few more comforts like a good lamp, a new floor lamp, and new curtains to your bedroom.


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