How Aadhaar Card is Helpful For Both Government and Citizens

On January 2009 as Aadhar was introduced in our lives, the government made it mandatory for every citizen of India to avail them for procuring benefits for the government scheme. While citizens have demonstrated continuous conflicts regarding the privacy of their lives; however, the government has refused all the arguments about the violation of privacy. Regardless of all the debate surrounding the use of Aadhar Card, it has become an essential part of our lives.

Uses of Aadhar card for the citizens: Aadhar card is a 12-digit unique identification number which contains the individual’s biometric and demographic details. It serves as multiple cards for availing the following benefits:

  1. Availing of subsidies: The government has made it mandatory to avail an Aadhar card for getting the benefits of government subsidies.  With the Aadhar card, the citizens can now get the compensation for various schemes directly in their bank accounts which were earlier not possible because of corruption and inadequate arrangement for providing these benefits. To avail the benefits of the government schemes, citizens must link their bank account with the Aadhar card. Here is a list of some government schemes for which you must have an Aadhar card.
  •  Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners
  • Public Provident Funds
  • LPG Subsidy
  1. Online PAN applications: With the help of Aadhar card, you can now get a new PAN card very quickly in a fortnight. You don’t need to submit any documents as an Aadhar card serves as document proof. You can now get digital signatures based on authentication of Aadhar. 
  1.  Filing Income Tax Returns: You must link the PAN and Aadhar card for filling the income tax returns. By linking the Aadhar card with your PAN you now quickly file the income tax returns if your income falls under the taxable bracket.
  1. Bank related services: If you want to do any bank related transaction, you must have an Aadhar card. Having an aadhar card is essential to open a bank account. Also, to avail any loan product or invest in any scheme, banks ask you to submit the Aadhar card for identification and address proof. 
  1. Digital storage of documents: You can now store all your documents and certificates in the Digi locker. You can get access to the documents digitally anytime and anywhere.
  1. Acquisition of passport:  With the Aadhar card you can now expedite the processing of your passport. An aadhar card, which serves as a card for identity and residence proof, has eased the process of procuring the passport.

 Benefits of Aadhar card for the government: Thanks to the Aadhar card! That the government can now save a lot of money for the welfare of society. Here are some benefits of an Aadhar card for the government.

  1. Improving the efficiency of government: With the linking of Aadhar cards with the government subsidies, the government can now provide the benefits to actual beneficiaries, thus enhancing the efficiency of the government in delivering the benefits of the scheme.
  1. Saving government costs: The Aadhar card has filled the duplicacy of providing the benefits of the government-related projects to citizens. This has resulted in substantial savings to the government exchequer.
  1. Tracking Benami property: With the help of an Aadhar card, it has become easy to follow the Benami property as one needs to mention the details of their Aadhar card in the property documents.

Thus, an Aadhar card has been successful in removing the ghost accounts and helped to provide the benefits of government- schemes to the targeted citizens. An aadhar card has also eased the process for availing the benefits of various services.

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