How to choose a mattress topper?

Formerly called “feather bed”, the mattress topper provides comfort and softness. If it is not essential, it’s few centimeters thick nevertheless allow it to transform any bed into a real cocoon, whether one is looking for more flexibility or on the contrary more firmness, additional warmth, or any just a softer sleeping.

What is a mattress topper used for?

Thanks to more and more technical products, a mattress topper can provide a precious feeling of comfort if your bedding is not quite suited to your needs, and thus extend its lifespan by a few years. It can indeed compensate for the lack of firmness of a mattress that has become too soft over the years, or conversely bring a little softness to a support that is too firm.

A goose or duck feather mattress topper can also provide extra warmth, or just make your bed a cozy little nest if you need to pamper yourself. Other models offer a heating system to avoid the sensation of slipping into a cold bed. Finally, some models are even refreshing to spend more pleasant summer nights. In short, the mattress topper will allow you to gain in comfort, it is also often one of the secrets of luxury hotels to offer you a 5-star bed. User reviews are generally very positive.

How to choose your mattress topper? The criteria to take into account. best mattress

Size. First, choose a mattress topper suitable for the size of your mattress. For greater comfort of use, opt for a model with elastic bands that are fixed to the four corners of the mattress. You will easily find mattress toppers for the classic dimensions, namely 140 x 190 cm or 160 x 200 cm.

The thickness. It varies depending on the model (between 2 and 10 cm). To find real comfort, your mattress pad must be at least 4 cm thick. Beyond 8 cm, you risk sinking and ending up with a bed that is too soft.

The subjects. Regarding the filling of your mattress topper, you can opt for natural materials such as goose or duck feather, which offer in addition to the cozy nest effect additional warmth. This type of mattress topper regulates the temperature throughout the night for optimal sleep. Synthetic fibers will provide more elastic support, but will nevertheless provide a very comfortable soft bedding. Cotton, very soft to the touch, also modulates the temperature. It gets hot in winter, cooler in summer. Bamboo is also a very interesting natural material that retains a certain freshness when the thermometer climbs at night.

What type of mattress topper to choose?

A latex mattress pad is ideal if you are looking for a little more firmness. By adapting to your morphology, it guarantees optimal support, especially in the lumbar region. However, be careful not to choose it too firm because you may quickly run out of comfort and find your bed too hard.

A memory foam mattress topper allows it to bring softness to your bedding, it is an option of choice if your mattress is too firm for example. It is particularly suitable for people suffering from back pain or circulation problems, because it relieves muscle tension and pressure areas, thus providing a real feeling of relaxation.  

A thermal (electric) mattress pad allows you to regulate the temperature as closely as possible: cozy in winter, cooler in summer.

Mattress topper: what price?

The price of a mattress topper varies depending on the brand and model chosen and there are at all prices, from around twenty euros up to more than 300 euros for some of them. For a good quality/price ratio, plan a budget between 60 euros and 100 euros. You can easily find a mattress topper in decoration stores such as IKEA, But or Conforama but also in bedding specialists such as Bultex or Dodo.

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