How to determine Shopify Apps Costs

Finally, we must not forget the cost of Apps. Like most other ecommerce platforms, Shopify Plus has a list of solid core features, but generally requires additional third-party apps to provide features like improved SEO Sydney, more comprehensive merchandising, personalization, or better. Site research, etc.

Unlike applications for other platforms such as Magento or Prestashop marketplaces where we pay for “one shot” applications. The third-party apps from Shopify Plus are very often available for less but on a monthly license basis. 

This offers the advantage of a low cost of entry for each application you need, but these costs can quickly add up.

So be careful to choose the applications and remove those that have become unnecessary. 

Regular careful examination is therefore necessary. Some are indeed used in the initial design of the project but become less important thereafter. 

Granted, there are some very inexpensive free apps available in the Shopify app store but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for, and business apps typically cost between $ 50 and $ 500 per month. .

A functional assessment should be undertaken at the start of a migration project to determine which elements of the required functionality are provided by Shopify Plus, and which elements will need to be provided by third-party applications or by custom development work. An evaluation of the different applications available should then be carried out in order to determine the best solution and the best value for money.

Of course, one of the advantages of a monthly license for third-party apps is that the initial launch costs are much lower than if the app were purchased under a standard license. In addition, if it turns out later that the app is not working as expected, or that its functionality is no longer required, the monthly license can simply be terminated.

If a merchant finds out that their store needs a specific feature that isn’t available through the Shopify Plus platform or through a third-party app, the only way to get hold of that feature is to have a custom solution developed, preferably using a Shopify Plus partner who will develop a specific application for you.

As with any ecommerce platform, any bespoke functionality is probably the most expensive solution, but in some cases it is the only solution. 

As a merchant, you need to determine if the functionality is really needed, conduct a thorough investigation of third-party applications, and determine if a change in operating procedures or other elements of the shops could eliminate the need for custom development. 

If a bespoke solution is required, the costs depend on the level of complexity of the code, as well as the size and scope of the functional requirement. Typical development costs are between $ 90 and $ 175 per hour, and merchants should be made clear that tailor-made solutions will always mean any future maintenance or expansion of custom code will be just as expensive to put into service.

What about the upfront design and build costs for a Shopify Plus agency?

As with any online sales project, a budget should be allocated for the design and construction of the store, to ensure a professional and well-planned launch. 

Although there are “out of the box” graphic templates that can be purchased for Shopify Plus, most professional e-commerce sites require you to design a unique graphic design to give a unique look and feel that matches their business.

Of course, every Shopify Plus project is different, and the requirements of each retailer as well as the size of the catalogs vary enormously. 

However, enterprise-level project launches are typically much shorter for Shopify Plus than for other ecommerce platforms, and this is reflected in the total project costs.


Hopefully, this breakdown of typical Shopify costs associated with using the Shopify Plus platform will give would-be merchants a much clearer picture of what it entails. 

For merchants who are currently dealing with sales volumes of less than $ 50,000 per month, the numbers should explain why Shopify Plus is generally not doing as well at this point, unless the business anticipates significant growth. For large traders, however, it should present a clearer picture of the likely costs, both for the base platform and all of the supporting elements needed to establish a business on that platform. 

You have to realize that each project is unique but I hope this article will have you demystified Shopify a little more. 

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to make a tailor-made quote for your E-commerce site under Shopify plus. 

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