How to Find Cheap Materials to Design your Interior in Toronto

Designing your interior nowadays, can be a costly expense. From setting up the base to choosing what color to paint you bedroom walls, interior designing can be a difficult task. Interior designingdoesn’t have to be a cost invasive project. You can design your interior with simple budget-friendly equipment to enhance your home to make it look and feel sophisticated.Visit our website for more details.

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas on what cheap materials to go for to design your interior.


Plywood technically, is layers upon layers of wood that are glued together at various angles. This makes plywood a comparatively lightweight and flexible substance that makes designing interiors easier alongside a lower budget. Plywood has a warm dark color grain making it a material for stylish interiors as well. The advantages of plywood don’t just end there, plywood can have various applications whether it is used for walls, ceilings or even furniture; the possibilities continue to be endless! If you’re looking to renovate your interior and give plywood or any other material a go for a new look, contact our team at BRIKS Design-Build Group and we’ll help you get right on with it. 

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are the new trend that are not only preferable due to their sound absorbing properties but also double as a cost effective material to design your interior. Acoustic tiles give you a variety of differing options in terms of colors, textures and material to give your interior the right look you want. They can also be installed and removed without any damage to the remaining structure of the interior making them a cheaper option than traditional tiles. Don’t miss out and give us a call at BRIKS Design-Build Group to equip your interior with the latest trends.

Rubber Flooring 

Rubber flooring is gradually becoming the ‘new in’. Rubber flooring is primarily known for its resilient nature towards varying mediums, ultimately saying it can take years at end without any need of repairing. Not only this, but rubber flooring is also a substance that provides softness and insulation in contrasting looks while not being heavy on the pocket. If you’re tired of the continuous repairing and feel like your flooring needs a change for once, don’t forget to call our skilled individuals at BRIKS Design-Build Group to help you out with your plans.

Corrugated Tin

The least expensive metal flooring option includes corrugated tin. Tin on your walls or ceilings may sound like a weird option but corrugated tin is what gives you the warmth alongside making a statement and giving your interior that extra edge. It is becoming an increasing trend both in the domestic and commercial area. If you’re looking to get yourself in with that extra look for your interior design, you’ve found the right place to place a call and hire our professionals at BRIKS Design-Build Group to get on with it.


You might look at cork as just a small piece keeping that wine inside the bottle. Well, you’d be surprised to know cork is an establishing eco-friendly substance for interior designing. Cork has a durability that can make it last up to five decades. Being health effective due to less allergic particles due and cleaner air is another plus point for it. Cork too has multiple uses in cheap interior designing for anything and everything such as your kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and much more. Cork might just give your interior the finish it needs to amaze your visitors, so what are you waiting for? Call us at BRIKS Design-Build Group and our team will tend to your needs right away.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are technically concrete blocks although made of cinder instead. Cinder blocks are a common building material in the interior designing industry. They’re recognized for their strongness, thus the reason they are favored for constructing enduring structures alongside giving a sophisticated feel without being too costly. If you find cinder blocks for your interior to be the right decision than don’t act on that decision too late and give our team a call at BRIKS Design-Build Group right away to cater to your needs.

Copper Pipes

If you’re one to think out of the box, copper piping isn’t just a concept for plumbing your kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Copper pipes are a trending idea for DIY’s for designing your interior in a budget-friendly manner. Whether you’re looking to create only lighting or bookshelf fixtures or if you’re taking the extra leap of creativity and creating your own bookshelves or hanging racks, copper pipes are the way to implement your imagination. Copper piping is one of the latest fashions in interior designing. Why miss out when you can make the most of it and give your interior the flash as well? Contact us at BRIKS Design-Build Group to accomplish that plan.

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