human touch behavioral health


The Human Touch Behavior is a scientifically proven proven method for improving the way that people interact with other humans. In the first step of the Human Touch treatment program, our team determines exactly how you interact with another person. We examine your unique sensory experience, physical and cognitive abilities and risk factors to determine the level of harm you may have from your interaction with someone. The next step is to develop formal procedures and policies in order to ensure that when you’re interacting with someone you are meeting as a healthy human being. When people are experiencing emotional stress, most often they are experiencing interpersonal problems such as anxiety, depression or worry-related behaviors. By integrating your Cognitive Sciences education into these treatment programs we can help transform these negative behaviors into healthy ways of living.

This is the newest addition to my list. Humans are complex creatures, and part of that complexity is the fact that we all have different preferences. Sometimes our preference can differ from what a doctor or nurse feels comfortable with. For example, someone who likes to sit up in a chair may prefer to sit in a low chair (for safety reasons) rather than a high chair. But this is not always a bad thing, there are times when people simply don’t feel right about how they were feeling or what they needed or wanted. We all have our comfort zones and that’s why it’s so important to find out how you feel before you try something new because there might be some risks in doing so.


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