Lockdown 4.0 | Schools, malls will remain closed; Shops, public transport may open in Red Zone: Source

He is likely to offer the government more leeway to facilitate business activities during Lockdown 4.0, but will also impose strict restrictions in control areas.

For information, senior officials said the aim is to provide more comfort without lowering the guard. In Lockdown 4.0, states and union territories are likely to gain more flexibility as the country prepares to learn to live with Kovid-19.

A senior official, on the condition of anonymity, said, “No state/union territory wants to withdraw the lockdown completely. But they all want graded exit plans so that economic activities can resume.

He said, in Lockdown 4.0, schools, colleges, malls and movie theaters would not be allowed to operate anywhere in the country. However, the government is allowed to open salons, barbershops and spas in the red zone as well, except in areas that are marked as control zones. Currently, they are allowed to remain open in the Orange and Green zones.

The Center has asked states and UTs to make their recommendations on the modalities of Lockdown 4.0 by Friday. India Today TV has revealed that Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Assam and Telangana have said that they want the lockdown to be extended to prevent the spread of Kovid-19.

Punjab has supported the continuation of a strict lockdown and stated that states need to be given more flexibility in micro-planning as part of a carefully planned exit strategy, including a Kovid-19 conference and a defining economic revival The route is included.

Tripura echoed the same sentiment, saying that the state should have more say in defining the Green, Orange and Red zones.


Sikkim, which does not yet have a Kovid-19 case, has also demanded a strict lockdown to continue. Sikkim said that its economy is largely based on tourism and it can spread the virus in any state along with other states.

Also, in Lockdown 4.0. Mass transportation may resume phase-wise. The Center says public transport such as buses, railways and domestic airlines are likely to be facilitated in the next few days.

However, states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Bihar have said that they are not in favor of complete restoration of trains and air services by May-end.

The center meanwhile allows limited discounts for local trains, buses and metro-rail services in non-control zones in the Red Zone.

According to sources, auto-rickshaws and taxis can also be allowed in the Red Zone with restrictions on passenger numbers. However, these too will only be allowed in non-containment areas.

With regard to opening market places, the Center States / UTs are likely to be allowed to decide whether they want to allow markets in the Orange and Red zones to remain open. In Delhi, the government may implement a heterogeneous policy to allow non-essential goods shops to operate.

Sources say that under Lockdown 4.0, e-commerce platforms may be allowed to distribute non-essential items even in the red zone, except in containment zones.

Sources said that since most states have different levels of performance and readiness to deal with Kovid-19, a tailor cannot lockdown or rest in each state.

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