Marketing tips: 10 psychological effects to capture customer thinking

As a marketer, the 10 effects in this article may not be strange, but most people don’t really care about them as a tool to capture customer psychology. So, what are these marketing effects for marketing psychology? Let’s find us.

1. Decoy Effect

Product price 1: 20 $

Product price 2: 25 $

 Product combo 1 + product 2: $ 35

This example is probably not too far away from marketers anymore, if not very familiar. The “decoy” here is the price of product 2, this will be the factor affecting the buyer will choose more combo, if there is no 2nd product, people will choose to buy the first product. But this is a sales example, and in Marketing, this is the effect used to increase the conversion rate on the Landing page. When making a plan to increase conversion rates on your landing page with two options, you can make a third choice to influence customer behavior.

2.The viral effect (Social Proof)

 Spillover effects are most evident through interactive campaigns with the “share” button. The effect is explained very simply: People easily accept the beliefs or choices of a favorite group or community. This impact will be viable when the target group of onlookers is clearly and precisely investigated.

3. Anchoring effect

Do you realize you’ve always been anchored and enthralled by the deals? These “anchor” is the original price of the product and the percentage of value reduction. People often make decisions based on “original” information, they will use them to sense change, changes will lead them to make decisions. That is why, with Marketing, “anchoring” is very important, because it will be the basis for you to influence customer behavior. “Anchoring” thoughts to stimulate buying action

4.Priming effect

What is the difference between “bait” and “bird of prey”? If “decoy” is set to guide customers to another option, “bait” is used to shape their point of view. A very simple example is as follows: A: Which mouse walks on two feet? B: Mickey A: Which duck goes on two legs? B: Donald You know, in fact, every duck has two legs, but B has been “bait” Mickey-shaped the viewpoint of the cartoon character, so the following question, B also took a character to do an answer. It is like marketing leveraging Branding and advertising. Branding and advertising elements will shape product issues. When searching for that problem, customers will remember your product first. The value of this effect is the unique, impressive bait, with the aim of attracting and creating product views in the customer mindset.

5. Effect of scarcity

 The scarcity is used by service marketers in many different forms. Scarcity aims to create value for the product and to stimulate public purchasing. This effect is increasingly applied in marketing activities. The “scarcity” notifications now do not appear alone but often combined with the form of the timer, customers’ designs change constantly, even the market news also creates an event. rare. When used intelligently, this is really an effective stimulus for consumption. Scarcity increases product value

6.reciprocal effect

The reciprocal effect simply means: when you do something for others, they will also do something back for you. So, when you give away an ebook for free, an opportunity to try the service, a voucher, … customers are ready to give you the necessary interaction and personal information. That is exactly how this effect is applied in Marketing. A marketer will have to consider the value of what you give and what you receive, then effectively apply this effect.

7.Clustering effect

 Human short-term memory can remember only 7 different information at a time. So people tend to group topics by remembering a lot of information at once. This effect motivates your product managers into groups that can help customers remember quickly. Besides, content marketing content should also be grouped and regularly appear together to increase customer interaction and impact for customers to choose related information and products.

8.original psychological effect (Verbatim Effect)

Original psychology is the main information, the most important, the basic content of content. When viewing an ad, a poster, or article, people will save the most essential information, the keywords associated with the product in memory. In Marketing, this effect is widely used in SEO and optimizes information on landing pages. If SEO optimizes keywords to improve search rankings for pages, articles, then the brief description will be integrated on the landing page to “anchor” but the most important information to infer. think of customers.

9. Obsessive effect on loss (Loss Aversion)

 When possessing something, people will not like being lost or taken away. That is the obsessive psychology of loss. An example that best demonstrates the applicability of this product is the trial program, especially for the Premium product line. When new customers are allowed to try Premium features and products for a short time and then no longer try them, they need to upgrade VIP packages to be reused. Which scenario do you think customers will choose? Renounce or upgrade a VIP member? In fact, when applying this effect, marketers need to be really smart and reach the “loss” of customers. Many current campaigns often choose the method of Premium labeling or close the gap between basic members and VIP members. At that time, products and services labeled as “high-class” were not really high-end. All give customers an illusion of loss, they will accept just a small amount of money to keep. At this time, the majority will choose to upgrade their VIP membership.

10. Baader-Meinhof Syndrome (Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon)

 The name sounds complicated, essentially the basic content of this psychological syndrome is the obsession with frequency. When you come across a piece of information, and then they come into your sight a couple of times again, you’re unconsciously thinking: they seem to be everywhere. The marketers often apply this effect to their customers’ buying access. They will use the community to reach customers for the first time, after which product information will continue to appear in many places around the world. Around customers like on the way to work, in advertisements on the web, games, applications that customers often use, … All will give customers an illusion about the coverage of products and services.

All of these 10 psychological effects are natural human reactions. Capturing these natural responses will make it easier for marketers to reach customers. In a marketing campaign, we usually apply at least 2-3 psychological effects to lead customers to the final destination of buying products and achieving customer satisfaction. Hopefully, this article will be an effective “secret” for young people just starting to approach Marketing.

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