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What do you do in the morning? When you wake up, there are so many thoughts running through your mind and so much information to take in. It’s hard to focus on one thing when you’re rushing along and trying to find a fresh cup of coffee. But in this case, what it comes down to is a cup of coffee. What if I told you that there was a treatment that could change the way that you type? The answer is “BENGALI”. BENGALI means “home of the bell” and is an ancient language spoken by Hindus. That’s right, any person with a disability or autism can benefit from learning this language.

What could be worse than your health insurance company? What would you really like to have instead of your medical insurance company? Well, new west health services is about to change everything. They’re offering businesses the ability to purchase their employees’ health insurance without having to fill out a complicated form. This means that when employees purchase their own health insurance, they will see a percentage of business automatically deducted from the company’s expense account. This way, not only does it save the consumer money, but it also makes them feel better about themselves.

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