north side christian health center

I’m with you on the protest going on against the ACA. I am sick and tired of politicians who refuse to do their jobs. I want health care delivered to me, not forced by a government program without my knowledge or consent. Health care is the most basic human right, but these politicians have done nothing for this issue for several years, not just for their party leaders, but also for all Americans. If you believe in health, then you need to support your local church so that they can serve as a bridge between your community and the healthcare system.

A team of doctors from the University of Manitoba is developing a new treatment centered around a three-dimensional reduction in pain. The treatment will eventually cover regions that are 80% painful today, but that are getting better five years after a right knee replacement was implanted. The team is also looking at things like lumbar disc spastics and activating transducers on patients to bring traumatic injuries under control.

What’s better than going to school? If you’re looking for a healthy workout, get a kicked out of a christian health center, where you can purchase a pair of running shoes (no more walking, no more stepping and your legs will look like someone was shot). When you buy a pair of Nike runner shoes and run on their running tracks they will give you a run time of 5.6 miles.

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