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Teeth are an important part of your overall appearance. They just don’t give you the perfect smile but also give shape to your jaw line adding to the beauty of the face. Brushing and flossing regularly are good ways of maintaining oral hygiene. However, after brushing your teeth a couple of times every day and even flossing you find the need to consult a dentist everyone in a while. The reason could be toothache or weakening of teeth or any gum/tooth infection.

Traditional orthodontics consisted of methods that involved the use of wires brackets and painful implants. These were not only heavy on your pockets but were also quire time consuming and invasive. The question arises that how to find the perfect solution for you dental problems? Family First Dental along with their priceless experience in the field of orthodonticsbrings you the right solutions for all your dental problems. You can come at our office in Kennewick for further assistance.

One of the most common dental problems people face is misaligned teeth. Here is what we can do to help you counter this problem. Visit our website for more details.

How Can Family First Dental Help You?

Everyone wants to have perfectly aligned teeth but unfortunately some people don’t have them. The reason behind misaligned can be poor personal habits that damage teeth, an unfortunate accident that had a huge impact on your teeth or even genetic. People of all ages can come and visit Family First Dental to know about all the things they need to do for realigning their teeth.

Previously dentists practiced methods that patients were not very comfortable with to realign their teeth. Come and meet us to discuss about the revolutionary methods that we have in store for you. The most attractive thing about getting your teeth aligned by our dentists is that you can complete the entire procedure without the need of embarrassing wires and brackets. You read it right. You can get your perfect smile with well aligned teeth with wire free methods! Now say goodbye to the pain of dental procedures as Family First Dental proudly present you two of the best alignment methods for your teeth. These methods include:

Teeth Alignment Using Invisalign

As the methods used prior to this time for straightening your teeth were so daunting and painful that most of you chose to keep misaligned teeth instead of enduring pain for them. Moreover, the use of metal wires and brackets made this whole procedure seem much more frightening. In order to cancel out the metal stuff from getting in between your teeth Family First Dental bring you Invisalign.

Those who prefer to align their teeth remaining in their comfort zones will find Invisalign the best for them.

Invisalign is made up of high quality plastic which covers all your teeth. They work similarly as braces and over time your teeth straighten up more. Our dentist will take the X-ray of your jaw on your first visit and explain you about all the procedures. This X-ray will then be used to construct a tailor made plastic cover for your teeth. These covers are not very sharp so there is no irritation in your gums. However, the dentist will provide you with a new set of cover twice a month.

Exclusively for younger people Invisalign has made Invisalign Teen. It allows you to take them off while eating your favorite foods. There are no complicated steps to do so simply pull them out and keep in a clean place. After you have finished eating you can put them back on in a similar pattern. Moreover, there are no extra cleaning procedures as well. You can take the Invisalign Teen off, brush and floss your teeth regularly and put them back on. Those who are looking for an alignment method that does not ruin their appearance and photos should hook up to it.

Teeth Alignment Using ClearCorrect

The crew and dentists at Family First Dental make sure that they stay updated according to the modern standards. In order to do so we regularly update our treatment methods to give the best possible treatments to our patients. ClearCorrect is a new addition to our methods of realigning teeth. ClearCorrect is a great way to fill up cavities between teeth, straighten misaligned teeth and repair any issue related to alignment of teeth. We can safely say that it is an innovative method to align your teeth without the use of metal wires and brackets.

ClearCorrect features aligners that have similar function to that of traditional braces. The only difference is that it is done without needing metal equipments like wire. These aligners are custom built according to need of each individual patient. Once in every 14 days you have to visit our dentist to get your new pair of aligners. Each time the aligners will be slightly altered to gradually move your teeth to an ideal position. Cleaning methods for these aligners are also similar to your normal day oral care routine. ClearCorrect is detachable so you just have to take them off and brush to clean your teeth but you have to wear them again as soon as you’re finished cleaning. This is the perfect method for people who are conscious about their look and don’t want any compromises because as the name suggests these aligners are clear and hard to spot.

However, treatment times vary from person to person. To know yours get in touch with Family First Dental to cater all your dental needs today!

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