principles and foundations of health promotion and education 7th edition


What do we know about health promotion? How much are we willing to pay for services we shouldn’t have to pay for? What is the best way to make health care more affordable? These questions and many others, were asked by a distinguished academician in the early days of the field, leading him to believe there was no better cure for the problems that Modern Health Care posed than addressing this question. Now, over 10 years later, many of the same questions have resurfaced as part of an ongoing movement of social change. By taking ten basic principles and building upon its successes, you can help make a difference in some of today’s most pressing issues no matter your life stage.

This is a very comprehensive book about the foundations of every of the areas in health promotion and education, including nutrition, physical activity, and physical inactivity. This book focuses on topics that are usually addressed in other books in this series: sugar, exercise, social media, obesity awareness, obesity prevention and cessation programs, homeostasis in the body, money management I would say that this particular version has more of an introduction to those topics rather than a full upv.


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