shasta community health center redding


shasta community health center rdings is a community health center that provides medical, dental, and other services to the people in their community. They offer a wide range of medical care, including diagnostics, biologic screenings, and wellness programs. They provide a wide range of dental care and physical therapy services. They also provide an array of programs to help those on the verge of death or in need of assistance. Are you wondering what your next step is when you’ve got nothing to lose? Well, SHOSH lives are here! SHOSH lives are not only here today but will be here tomorrow! The best thing about shasta community health centers is that they’re available 24 hours a day to help those in need.

If you live in a redding neighborhood and wanted to get to know other residents, shasta community health center redding is the place for you. With 35 volunteers dedicated to providing emergency medical care for those in need, there’s one thing that shasta has going for it. It’s got real people who have lived through what we all have seen with our own hands and feet. They provide life-saving services as they would if they had been there themselves instead of selling drugs or fixing broken equipment; provide free dialysis, heart surgeries and blood draws; counsel people who have been victimized by crime or violence; and supervise kids to give them a better neighborhood to live in.

Community health center of reding is a regional medical, dental, and wellness center offering free dental care, eye care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy services to residents in the community. We have a monthly newsletter that can be sent to residents that provides information about services available and important events. You can also join our Facebook group here at or check the calendar here to see upcoming events and activities. You can follow us on Twitter @shasta_co or email us at


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