The 6 (Most Important) Characteristics of Inbound Marketing

Knowing the characteristics of Inbound Marketing will help you make better use of the advantages and opportunities that it reserves for you. Let’s try to make a similarity, humanizing marketing in some way, which is not too difficult if you think that the parallels with everyday life can be truly manifold.

Think about the relationship you have with your partner, with your best friend, with your brother or sister: knowing their character, lifestyle, tastes and habits does not help you, perhaps, to build a relationship with them confident, healthy and peaceful and enjoying the beauty of that bond?

I started this journey starting from the main concept of what is Inbound Marketing, analyzing the errors to avoid and the necessary tools. Here is the reason why in this post I thought of pausing to reflect on the main peculiarities of Inbound Marketing.

1. It is a personalized strategy

The main objective of Inbound Marketing is to offer the target audience a content that is truly and effectively capable of understanding its needs and responding to its questions, tastes and needs.

And the answer must be comprehensive, useful, punctual and engaging. Your user-client, therefore, is the center of your strategy and, for Inbound Marketing to work, you need to know him in depth.

2. It is a multimedia strategy

Inbound Marketing relies on a system of tools (blogs, social networks, landing pages, analyzes, monitoring, data bases, newsletters, etc.) that you must learn to use in the most profitable way, so that your investment is truly capable to produce profits.

A system works only if each tool performs its functions and if all the tools cooperate with each other by achieving a common goal (lead generation, customer loyalty, sales growth, etc.).

3. Requires programming and integration

As I said, Inbound Marketing is a system that to function in a useful way must be strategically programmed in each intermediate stage, in every single activity, for all the tools used.

Programming, in fact, allows you to have clear ideas on the direction you are following and allows you to integrate and make the most of the features of the tools with which you have decided to implement your strategy.

4. It cannot be separated from a careful and strategic Content Marketing activity

The Content Marketing is the heart dell ‘Inbound Marketing. These are the contents that you produce and that you promote that offer you the opportunity to be found by potential customers, to be appreciated and respected for your authority and experience, to retain the customers you have already acquired.

The content, in fact, if well thought and studied and designed, allows you to offer a utility to your target audience (information, advice, emotions, experiences, adventures, opportunities, discounts, promotions) and this is precisely what people will appreciate .

5. it’s a staged strategy

In the post “The Inbound Marketing Funnel “I explained how the Inbound Marketing strategy works. It consists of 4 phases:

  • Attract strangers;
  • Convert visitors into contacts;
  • close, transforming contacts into customers;
  • Delight, transforming customers into ambassadors.

Your users-contacts are self-selected until they reach the lower part of the funnel (funnel, in fact), the one occupied exclusively by loyal customers, those who will become ambassadors of your brand, active and disinterested promoters of your message.

The strategy organized in stages, therefore, serves to contact the largest number of people and then to make a skimming of them, so that you can concentrate your resources and your efforts on the (potential) customers really interested in your offer.

6. Find a valuable ally in SEO

The SEO techniques (analysis and use of keywords, link building, earning links, including PPC and AdWords) are valuable allies of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing.

They help you to be found by your customers and potential ones in the exact moment in which they manifest a concrete need, just what you must be able to satisfy in the best way, so as to win their respect and their trust.


Now that you have stopped to reflect on the main characteristics of Inbound Marketing, you will have some important additional information to develop your strategy.

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