The volumetric truck can turn out to be cost-effective in mixing at site

Deciding between the types of concrete that will suit your situation is not an easy job. All types of concretes have their pros and cons in different situations. Are you looking for the one that falls under your budget and saves time? Site mixing is one choice that can be cost-effective and less time-consuming. One of the main reasons for the success of this concrete is that it is freshly made and poured right away. Not only does it save time and money but also reduces waste. It eliminates the need to cure the concrete which will further reduce cost. In this article, you will go through all the benefits of procuring on site mix concrete.

Fits in your limited budget 

The top advantage of using volumetric mixing is the amount of control it gives on your project. This process will give the exact amount that is needed for the project if your estimation is on the right scale. Thus, you just pay for the amount you use and manage your budget accordingly. More waste means higher costs! You can vary the consistency ratio in on site mix concrete as you have the autonomy to play with the consistency ratio of the concrete with concern to different requirements. You can even keep a close eye on the quality of concrete, so isn’t it a fair deal? You get this autonomy because the material is kept separate until it is time to mix, so you can choose the exact consistency you think would suit your project. For example, if the consistency requirement changes halfway in between the project, you can easily make the changes right away without any fears.

 Pour the concrete in fresh form 

Here we land onto another benefit of on site mix concrete. The builders will get a direct fresh supply of concrete at site. It is always fresh when it is time to pour. The only drawback of this factor is that it may cause certain delays to your project but the fresh supply surpasses this setback. However in ready mixed concrete if you need more concrete then you will have to place the order again and the truck will need to go back to bring new concrete which will take a lot of time and may bring delays to the project. While mixing at the site can anticipate any changes in quantity and consistency. 

You can reduce waste and make it an environmentally friendly option 

Like we gave you a little hint earlier as well that on site mix concrete gives more control to the project owner. You can easily estimate your needs concerning the project size. Are you working on a huge project? One of the reasons which make volumetric trucks concrete popular is due to the double quantity it can mix in comparison to traditional drum mixers. Or your project is on a smaller scale? The same volumetric mixers can easily mix smaller quantities. This helps in getting the exact amount you need and thus reducing waste and the need to transit concrete between batch plant and site. 

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