Where do Celebrity Hair Extensions Come From? Don’t get surprised it’s “Diva Divine Hair Extensions”

The demand for human hair is wide ranging from wigs to weaves and hair extensions. But few know where these lustrous locks come from and the path, they take across the globe. The demand for human hair is massive. Yet few know where these lustrous locks come from.

A range of options will be offered to you when you search online for a Wig or Hair Extensions. Natural hair in Mongolia to “finest Remy” Indian hair.  “luxury” virgin Brazilian or Peruvian hair and stylish European weaves.

Take a look at various online beauty glossaries, forums and videos, and you’ll be advised that Chinese hair is the course, that Filipino hair is identical as that of Chinese but much shinier, that Brazilian hair is “full-bodied with a beautiful bounce” and that Indian hair is “versatile with natural lustre.” Definitions are as ambiguous as such.

European hair is the most expensive, partially due to its fine texture, range of colours and shorter supply. “Much of this hair comes from Eastern European countries like Russia, Romania or Ukraine.

At the high end of the market are “virgin” hair – hair that has never been medically processed and “Remy” hair, cut or rasped directly from a donor.

And then “normal hair” lies at the opposite end of the spectrum, often used as a more marketable word for comb waste. Yeah, Chinese or otherwise, as hairballs collected from combs and plugholes.

There is a whole industry involving the untangling, sorting and disposal of comb waste. Although the finished product is inevitably going through China on its way to its final destination, many Asian countries are likely to be a mishmash of hair. 

In Asia, long-haired women will save the hair that falls out when they comb or wash it, and if they have a few years’ worth, they will sell it to pedlars who go around these communities calling for hair, gathered over three years’ worth about 80p ($1)

Human Hair Extensions have gained worldwide prominence over the last five years. With top celebrities talking about how they use hair extensions and wigs in the United States and Europe, these items are now recognized worldwide and also act as a beauty aid in the fashion and film circles. For the past 15 years, hair extensions have been in Indian society but are primarily used by the Bollywood industry.

Diva Divine (DD) is a world pioneer in virgin hair extensions and wigs. One of a handful of hair extension companies that use virgin hair, DD focuses on providing premium virgin hair, professional preparation, excellent customer support and comprehensive hair extension and wig product range.

The virgin hair extensions of DIVA DIVINE VIRGIN HAIR DDs are unparalleled since the virgin hair used has cuticular layers facing the same way from root to end. This ensures that the extensions will behave exactly like your own hair and will guarantee a natural wave, fullness, lustre and remarkable use.

Diva Divine hair will improve your natural hair’s length, colour and texture leaving you in a perfect, sophisticated look. This hair can be cleaned up to one year, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, coloured and allowed while retaining its original beauty and vitality.

In 2008, Diva Divine started operations in India. India’s first retailer of human hair extensions and wigs, with a retail store in New Delhi to deliver the highest quality human hair to stylists and customers in India, with the widest range of hair extensions and wig products, at the most affordable prices.

Diva Divine gives you the wear of Bollywood hair extensions along with affordable prices and more options. The virgin hair extensions and human Hair Wigs sold by Diva Divine India can be mounted at home, and can last semi-permanently anywhere from one night out to three to four months.

Diva Divine India uses only hair of the highest quality for its Clip in Hair Extensions, and has items for every hair requirement possible. The goods include: ponytails, full wigs, partial wigs, toupees, caps, patches, frontal wigs, lace wigs, front wigs, fusion hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, hair extension pins, weaving hair extensions, fringes and bangs.

Every hair extension and wig product that is available on the international market is now available in India through Diva Divine.

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