Why Startups must avail UI and UX Design Services?

Congratulations on getting the wheels moving on your startup! There’s no greater feeling than watching a product of your sweat and blood getting actualized. Your start-up is like your baby and you’d never make an intentional wrong decision that could possibly harm it. 

However, when it comes to the importance of UI and UX design services, there is a varied response. Some think of it as “good to have” but not “must-have” and owing to budgets often tend to avoid investing in it. Since people launching startups are particular about any expenditure, they sometimes undermine the value of a great UX design and how fruitful it is for the business in the long run. 

We are here to tell you why getting UI and UX design services is an absolute must-have. But before that let’s refresh our memories and get acquainted with the terms user interface and user interaction. 

What is User Interaction? 

User Interaction is how your app or site looks like. Everything from the aesthetics, graphics, presentations, colors, and fonts come under user interaction which focuses on the presentation of your digital product. The style guide you prepare, the layouts you create to show user journeys, how one click leads to another, everything come under user interaction. 

What is User Experience?  

User Experience, on the other hand, revolves around how the app or website makes your users feel and what kind of emotion does it instigate among them. It not only takes into account the business objectives and goals but also focuses on the user’s values, likes, dislikes, and limitations. You have to take into account factors like convenience and ease of use when working on the user experience. 

Now we all know that while money is a sensitive topic for most businesses, it is especially critical for startups. We understand that you have to allocate all resources very strategically and here’s why you will not regret investing in UI/UX design services.

Simple Effective Design Sells

Investing in UI/UX does not necessarily mean getting the most over the top designs filled with all possible elements. It merely means to have the foresight of understanding the benefits a clean UI and enthralling UX can bring to your business. A simple and crisp design can help you achieve that goal, but simplicity doesn’t mean you have to be boring. At the end of the day apps that prioritize usability while keeping the design aesthetically appealing are what make the cut and become successful.    

Boosts User Engagement

Good user experiences directly affect user engagement. The more users engage with your app, the more successful your startup becomes! People are bending over backward these days to ensure user engagement. 

Getting maximum downloads doesn’t cut the deal. Because if users do not interact with the product on a regular basis then it’s a grave issue for your startup. User experience has a significant role to play to keep users hooked and retain engagement. 

Finding out the element of mystery while unveiling all features of your app is considered a great tactic to keep your users engaged. These days, people are also indulging in gamification elements to boost engagement. All this becomes possible only if you are ready to give UI/UX its due importance and willing to invest in UI and UX design services. 

Helps your product stand 

Apart from all the monetary benefits, there’s one significant advantage of great UI/UX. It can be a distinguishable feature and help your app stand out from your competitors. It can play a significant role in establishing your branding and positioning your product in the market. 

The key to making that happen is to use time and resources to conduct extensive research about your target audience, what ticks them, what puts them off. Everything from demographics and psychographics can contain critical information that can help in your decision making. From conducting surveys to user testing, employing all strategies can help you understand what exactly your user is looking for. And only once you have understood your users on that level can you craft a winning UI/UX design which can help your product stand out from the competition. 

Save on long term expenses

A great UI/UX design is destined to save you some real costs in the long run. While investing resources, in the beginning, may have you frequently checking your capital every now in then. It actually saves you more by not letting you market a problematic product. When apps fail, most companies have re-do the entire design, look, and feel to attract users again after an unpleasant experience. That doubles your cost of development and earns a bad reputation as well. Why go through the hassle twice when you can get it right the first time!

Enhances Conversion Rates

When you focus on making your product user friendly to enhance the user experience you are more likely to boost your conversion rates. People appreciate products that address their pain points and solve their problems when navigating through a digital product. Increased conversions mean your start-up is a success. 

Creates Positive Brand Experiences

User experience literally is all about creating a positive brand experience which in turn enhances your brand reputation and collectively contributes to making a name for you in the market. Smooth navigation is a real deal-breaker and good UI/UX design which removes any hiccups helps you gain a competitive advantage as well. 

Optimizes user satisfaction:

An engaging UI and UX will keep your users hooked to your app and boost overall user satisfaction. If the overall sentiment after using your app is positive there is a high chance of that user returning to your app. Satisfied users not only means good revenue but also better ratings which in turn will attract more users. 

Origami Studios has a record experience in devising winning UI/UX design strategies for startups keeping in mind their budget constraints and creating impeccable designs that guarantee satisfying user experience. If you are looking for UI/UX design services for your startup then hit us up. 

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