Why Your WordPress Development Company is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

WordPress is a very famous and helpful platform n the field of web designing an easy to use also. But sometimes, we face some sort of problems that are very vital to solving. The positive point is that the errors you find in your site are already resolved by someone else as well as reported. 

Thus, we are covering all the errors related to WordPress and also provided some solutions for all such errors. If you are not able to fix all such issues with the solutions as we are going to provide, then please contact the WordPress Development company. Let us fix all the errors below.

Error: Internal server error

The beginner to WordPress face a very common error which is “internal server error” or it may appear as “500 internal server error”. The error is that the server is not able to identify the problem or where the problem exactly is. 

How to fix: This error is related to the plug-in or theme. You can solve this issue by checking for corrupt files, increasing the PHP memory unit, upload the Core Files again and deactivate all plug-ins. 

Error: Technical Difficulties 

It is a fatal error as introduced by WordPress in version 5.2. This feature displays a very simple error with a statement “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”. You will also get a mail from WordPress with a link to resolve this error. But if you don’t get the mail, and then the solution is below. 

How to fix: You can sort out this error, by sending your mail with the help of other alternatives such as sending WordPress emails using Mailgun, sending WordPress emails through Gmail SMTP Server, and many more.

Error: Syntax error in WordPress

At the time of adding snippet, this error occurs if you have missed any code accidentally or the code is incorrect. This error indicates that any sort of unexpected things shown in the code and within the location of the script. 

How to fix: It is required to make corrections in the syntax to fix this issue. Sometimes, it is a missing bracket or any other type of expected error in the coding. 

Error: Establishing a database collection

This error refers to the connection between the database and your website. It is tricky to solve this error for the beginner. Usually, this error takes place when the user has modified the database such as database host, database username, database password, and so on. In such cases, your database either may unresponsive or may have corrupted. 

How to fix: To fix this error correctly, you need to go for some vital steps such as check the database credentials, check out the host information, repair the database of WordPress, and analyze if the server is down.   

Error: White screen of death on WordPress

This error message shows nothing on the screen and only displays a white blank screen. It is quite tedious to find the perfect error and puzzling because the user has no clue where they need to look for the error and what they have to fix. This error is a result of an exhausted PHP memory limit.         

How to fix: You need to follow some instructions to overcome this error such as clear the browser cache, replacing TinyMCE Scripts, and Fix with wp-config. 

Error: a 404-page error

When the user visits on a single page on their website, then they get this error- 404 pages are not found an error. This is caused by the permalink WordPress settings which is the common one. 

How to fix: to fix this error, you need to reconfigure the setting of permalink or update the rules manually. 

Error: Sidebar below content error 

This error is tackled by beginners when the sidebar is placed below the content which is supposed to be displayed opposite to the content. This issue occurs due to a WordPress theme.

How to fix: You can easily fix this error by checking that you have closed all the options if you made any changes in plug-in, HTML, and <div> blocks.  

Error: White Text and Missing Buttons in Visual Editor 

If you are a user of the classic WordPress editor, then the button may sometimes disappear and even start displaying blank space despite the button. When Javascript is not working, then this error will occur. Other reasons behind this error are the TinyMCE corrupted files, issues with the plug-in, and modification in TinyMCE. 

How to fix: You can access the kitchen sink option and try to clear the cache. 

These are some of the common errors that you can face if you are a newbie to WordPress. These can be easily fixed after taking some steps. Follow the solutions and get your errors rectified.  

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