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With more than 250.000 patients, the Wilce Health Care Center (WHC) works with people with disabilities and provides higher education services to individuals in need of special care and training. The Wilce Health Care Center (WHC) was founded by Dr. Anne Lee Wilce, a life-long entrepreneur who has continuously been increasing the resources available to her medical team as a result of her pioneering work educating a generation of children’s doctors.

What can you do if your heart is only beating at a quarter of the normal rate? Or what if you are not breathing at all? Or perhaps you have just been hit by a car and there is no way to get in an ambulance. If that’s the situation, there is no better place to take care of it than a health center. How can you come up with an answer when you’re in such pain, and there isn’t any way to get to the hospital. In these hard times, there are many options. You can answer a few questions about what’s happening at home or work and then ask your health care provider for help as needed. But there’s more than that.

We already know that smoking causes lung cancer. But the smoking question still remains: Why is it so interesting to talk about the health risks associated with smoking even though it is such a trivial question? Well, why don’t we go ahead and look at the other reasons that meat and meat products actually have a health risk. Crime rates, homicide rates, family violence rates and suicides are all connected to eating meat. This suggests that eating meat is a risky decision for our health as well as our economy, financial security and social well-being.

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