willapa behavioral health long beach


Willapa Behavioral Health Long Beach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families recover well and stay healthy through the use of behavioral health programming to address the health needs of the community.

Willapa Behavioral Health Long Beach is currently looking for volunteers to be a part of its team. We are looking for people with a diverse range of experience and backgrounds in health advocacy, community outreach, health education, and service delivery to help us continue to improve the lives of our clients.

As a part of our mission, we want to thank our team members for their efforts. We are fortunate to have them here at Willapa for the past two years.

The Willapa Behavioral Health Long Beach team includes a physician-supervised licensed physician, behavioral health clinician, social worker, clinical psychologist, and administrative coordinator.

Willapa was started in 2009 by Dr. Daniel Smith, who has been a pioneer in behavioral health care for the Hawaiian Islands for more than 30 years. He was trained by Dr. Richard H. Davis, the founder of American Academy of Behavioral Medicine and Director of the Center for Child and Family Studies at the University of Hawaii. He earned his MD at the University of Hawaii. His career has extended into more than 50 research institutes and he also has served a variety of clinical and administrative roles.

Dr. Smith uses a blend of his own innovative approach and a vast knowledge of the field to provide a balanced look at the needs of his clients. We’ve been using his approach for over 15 years, and we’ve seen the results in our patients. His goal is to provide a comprehensive, holistic, long-term healthcare approach to your child’s behavioral health needs.

A lot of our patients have a lot of behavioral health issues. Some of them are serious. Most of them are kids who are struggling with anxiety, ADHD, or behavior problems. I think most of our clients are more interested in some of these problems than in ADHD or behavioral problems. They want to get better, and I think that’s a great sign that they have come to a good place.

Willapa is focused on helping people with ADHD, autism, and anxiety. We’re currently seeing a lot of behavior problems in our patients. These kids are in school and are having a hard time getting along with other kids. They’re having trouble with their schoolwork, and they don’t seem to be in the right mood. They have trouble concentrating, they have trouble making friends, and some of them are having bad behavior.

Willapa also tries to help people with bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and eating disorders. Again, to get better. I have been fortunate to be treated by Willapa over the years so I can say that their treatment is very well worth the cost.


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