women’s health quotes


These are some of my favorite quotes from women’s health experts that I think are super helpful and funny. They have served me well when I needed some quick self-awareness.

One of my favorite quotes from my mom is “We have no idea what we’re doing.” I had to look it up and it literally means we don’t know what we’re doing. I can see why. Most of our lives are so foreign to us that we don’t even know what we’re doing on a daily basis. It’s great advice.

This is one of the most popular quotes from women’s health advocates you will find. What it really means is that a lot of women don’t know what are doing in their life. It’s a good reminder that all of our lives are foreign to us. Many of us are completely oblivious to what we’re doing on a daily basis. To most people, women have it easy.

Men are like women, they are oblivious to what are doing. This is the most common quote found on women’s health sites. Many believe that men are the same as women and that, as a result, many of the things they do are the same. Of course, this is not true. In fact, men are far worse at self-awareness.

Women tend to focus on their body. For men, it is their mind that is our focus. They feel more comfortable going to the bathroom when it feels good for them. For women, it is their minds that are our focus. It is our mind that makes us think of all the fun we’ll have while we’re doing it.

If you have a girlfriend that is interested in finding the answers to the often deep-seated questions about why men are always the last to know when it comes to sex, you can tell her that your answers aren’t as deep or as complicated as her. After all, you are not a man, so you can’t fully understand what it’s like to be with a woman. In fact, you probably can’t understand how she feels about you either.

Your friends might be out on the beach with you, but those people were just as busy and focused as you were. As a group, you were actually doing something she probably would not have known about. And that’s how I think it will end.

I know some women who are more than happy to be in a relationship with you. Some just want to be your friend, and some just want to have sex with you. But, not all women are like that. Some are just very busy, and some are just very insecure. I believe that if you make her feel that she needs to be there, and that you need to be there for her, then she will respect you for it.


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