You probably didn’t know: 10 interesting things about CBD

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CBD is drawing a lot of attention. However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding this cannabinoid, the effects on the body, the potential benefits, and the legal part of it. Here are 10 facts about CBD that you may not have known.

1. CBD has an impact on nerves 

This is the most controversial. Because most documents about CBD, including those written on someone’s blog or a prominent academic journal, suggest that CBD is a “non-psychoactive” compound. ). Now, this statement is no longer theoretically correct.

For example, we know that CBD does not have the same neurological effects as THC. The most important thing is that it does not make you “high”. But scientifically speaking, CBD works on nerves because it can affect and transform your state of consciousness.

Indeed, if CBD has no psychoactive effect, it will not be able to help reduce the symptoms such as anxiety, reduce metabolic stress, restlessness, depression or affect our mood. However, the fact that the effects of CBD are so light and less aggressive than THC makes people think that it is “non-psychoactive”. You will probably continue to see it seen in this way, as it allows cannabinoid traders and marketers to market in a certain way.

2. CBD can be used for entertainment and THC can be used for medical purposes.

There is a strong misconception that CBD compounds only have medical effects and THC is only for entertainment. It’s not true. Like THC can be applied in medicine (to help reduce pain, nausea, vomiting …); CBD may also be used as a recreational drug.

In fact, the CBD entertainment drug market is growing in Switzerland. While THC is still prohibited under the law in Switzerland, CBD-rich marijuana flowers and CBD oil concentrate are completely legal, and can be purchased in sales kiosks or dispensary (cannabis retail stations). . This has led to an increase in the number of people using CBD for leisure, as they love CBD-rich marijuana varieties for their soothing effects.

3. CBD can neutralize the effects of THC and works well when combined with other cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds found in cannabis associated with each other. Studies, witnesses and evidence show that the result of the interaction between these series of substances and our cannabinoid endogenous system is a “resonant effect”.

There is research that provides evidence that CBD and THC, when they work together, produce stronger, faster results in more effective pain relief than when either of them works individually. And while our understanding of the resonance effect is still at an early stage, there is research showing that the health benefits of cannabis lie in full extract instead of drug extract. single.

In fact, studies have shown that individual forms of THC and CBD have a completely different effect than whole extract products. While THC has many benefits, it also has undesirable effects, especially in high doses. This includes nausea, vomiting, increased pain, anxiety, paranoia, and more. Fortunately, there are studies that show CBD can neutralize most of these side effects.

The relationship between CBD and THC is really complicated and it’s hard to imagine completely covering this section. However, the truth is that CBD can help reduce the restlessness and paranoia that some people experience after taking THC.

4. CBD is less powerful than THC

Micro-dosing (using a small dose) is becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase control over the reaction to marijuana. When it comes to THC, micro-dosing is a great way (less is better) to control the intense euphoria that THC-rich marijuana varieties bring, it’s also good to avoid the side effects. mentioned above.

However when it comes to CBD, larger doses may be better. When compared to THC, CBD is a less powerful chemical, and because of that, you need larger doses to deliver the desired effects.

5. CBD is not a drug that causes drowsiness.

CBD effects are sometimes labeled as causing drowsiness, especially at large doses. However, there are studies that show that CBD does not actually contain these effects.

In fact, a study published in 2008 in Psychology found that even at very large doses, individual CBD does not produce a sedative effect. Best of all, the CBD effect is really awake.

The sleepiness effect when using CBD can be explained that some CBD products contain large amounts of myrcene and other terpenes that are known to produce sedative or drowsy effects.

6. Not all marijuana contains CBD.

While CBD is derived from cannabis, not all species in this species contain it. In fact, most marijuana used for entertainment purposes only contains a small amount of CBD.

That’s why since the 1980s, cannabis breeders and seed banks have been focusing heavily on producing THC-rich varieties, designed for consumers to “go missing”.

However, since CBD has become more popular, the county bank has started asking for more CBD-rich varieties to meet both health and leisure goals. CBD also tends to be found in high concentrations in hemp.

7. CBD essential oil can be used to apply the skin.

We often associate marijuana with smoking. But thanks to thousands of cannabis innovations and research, it is now becoming diverse in many uses, not just a cigarette or a ball.

Topical medications, such as waxes, sprays or soaps, have enriched marijuana extract, a great way to treat symptoms in specific locations, such as numbness and inflammation. or even skin allergies. Instead of smoking or vaporizing (where chemicals in marijuana are absorbed through capillaries in the lungs), topical medications are absorbed through the skin.

More and more patients are seeking treatment for symptoms such as inflammation and swelling caused by arthritis or other conditions. Many patients also look for topical marijuana to alleviate itching or skin allergies, and a number of companies are now developing over-the-counter patch products that contain CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.

8. Animals also benefit from CBD.

One of the great developments is the discovery of the endogenous cannabinoid system, which basically regulates the effects of marijuana on the body.

It’s nice that not only humans are the only creatures that contain this system but also; dogs, cats, horses and many other animals, and they also experience marijuana just like us. In fact, all mammals contain the cannabinoid endogenous system, which is why marijuana is often tested on mice.

This has led to a trend of creating a whole new market: marijuana supplements for pets. Pet owners around the world are starting to use marijuana products such as CBD oil, capsules, mixed feeds, and topical medications to help pets face various diseases.

For example, dog owners use CBD supplements to help control symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, chronic inflammation and numbness or even pet anxiety. Just like humans, CBD supplements for pets can greatly reduce symptoms without causing high levels.

9. Flax also contains CBD. (Flax)

For a long time, CBD was thought to be a compound unique to cannabis. However, researchers from Poland accidentally discovered that flax also contained CBD.

In an analysis of flax (source value from flax seeds, oil and fiber), it also contains special terpenoids very similar to CBD. Researchers tested the compound and found that it also brought anti-inflammatory effects in mice. Moreover, this compound also activates cannabinoid receptors.

This study shows that in addition to cannabis, flax may also be one of the plants that produce cannabinoids or cannabinoid-like substances.

10. Legal CBD everywhere is not right.

There are many people who think that CBD is completely legal. In the American, CBD is as it were legitimate in case it is inferred from hemp. CBD-derived marijuana is legal in only 17 states.

Outside the United States, the legal status of the CBD is constantly changing as new laws are opened or replaced. In Europe, CBD supplements are largely legal as long as the THC level is negligible.

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